Kevin’s Ramblings?

Just the personal ramblings of a crazy guy (am I?) from St. Catharines, Ontario, transplanted to Calgary, Alberta in April 2012.  I left the big-city of Calgary for the Mountains of South-West Alberta in August of 2018.  As of 2021, I am still a “mountain man”, living in the small town of Coleman, Alberta.

The opinions expressed in this blog are MINE ALONE and intended for MY personal use and entertainment.  If I post something here, this is where it should stay, not get brought up by people who are idiots and that I have no respect for – I think you might know who you are, but then again…

I don’t know exactly what the purpose of my blog is but I tend to rant and rave about things that bother me and that list is a LONG list. I don’t make entries on a daily basis necessarily and I don’t care if no one reads my posts, in reality, this is for me.  I want to be able to go back and see what I did with myself.

If you choose to read then enjoy.  Welcome to my world.


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