A crazy December…

This December has been absolutely crazy busy at work.  Past Decembers have been busy, but this was extraordinary. Most of the offices will be open Monday and Tuesday, but, I am hopeful that today is the last crazy day of the year.  I can use some downtime.

I have no real plans for the weekend, other than picking up some groceries.  The weather is supposed to be crappy, and not even snow which I wouldn’t mind so much.  Nope, it’s supposed to rain.  Wonderful.  Oh well.

So, I think it will be a mostly stay in weekend.  The Bills play the Patriots in New England, should be a good game.  The Bills have really come on lately and have an outside chance of winning the AFC East.  It looks like the Patriots dynasty is about to end and if not this year, very, very soon.

Christmas dinner plans are still not solid – I am not sure if it will be 2 or 3 here for dinner in total, hope to get that sorted tonight.  I am thinking it will be two, but who knows.  I do enjoy cooking and of course, I enjoy eating.

I may post between now and Christmas, unsure at this point if the blogging bug will hit me.  If not, have a good Christmas for those who celebrate.  At the very least, enjoy the time off of work.  🙂

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A good vet visit :)

On Friday afternoon, Hera and I headed to Calgary for her follow-up vet visit so they could look at her ear infection.  She’s doing very well and the infection is nearly cleared up which is great.

I also met a friend for a bite to eat at Boston Pizza, where we used to go at least once a week after baseball.  I had the Christmas Poutine and it was actually really good.  French fries, gravy, cheese – that makes poutine, the Christmas part was the addition of stuffing and turkey.  They also added cranberries, which I asked for on the side.  It was quite good and I would recommend it.  I am going to try to get back to Boston Pizza before the holidays are over so I can try it again.

I made a stop at Costco on the way home.  I feared that even though I was going to the Costco in Okotoks which is normally not busy that it would be a zoo, a week and a bit before Christmas.  It was dead.  You could walk down most of the isles without meeting anyone, it was unexpected but very welcome as I am not a fan of crowds.  I got stuff for various meals over the holidays and some food for the dogs, they appreciate being fed.

The trip home was good.  The weather was cold but the roads were clear which is great.  In fact, when I was heading to Calgary, I made fantastic time.  From my place to where Deerfoot Trail and Glenmore Trail meet, it took me 2 hours.  Not bad at all.

So, Hera has a clean bill of health, after $280 in total – she’s totally worth it.  Knock on wood though, in the 14 years that I have had dogs, this is the first time I’ve had a dog get sick.

Nearly the end of the weekend already, it’s zoomed by.  It wraps up tonight with the Bills playing the Steelers in Pittsburgh, a good way to end the weekend, well, presuming that the Bills pull out a win and, I think if they do, they will secure a playoff spot.  Go Bills !!!

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7/11 and a return trip to Calgary…

Last night I had to do some zipping around after work.  On the way home, I stopped at 7/11.  They have a hot food section nowadays, this is new in the last few years.  The food is actually pretty good, which is sort of shocking for a convenience store.  They have chicken, chicken strips, taquitos, potato wedges and pizza.  Everything is really good and although the prices have recently increased, it’s still generally a good value.

Anyway, last night I picked up a pizza.  They are just frozen pizzas but are pretty darn good and ready in about 5 minutes.  I will admit, I am pretty picky about pizza and, in general, don’t care for most pizza in Alberta, it’s how it’s made I think, a totally different style than back in Ontario.

So, if you’re looking for something quick and pretty decent, I’d suggest it.

Hera and I return to Calgary today for her follow-up vet appointment.  Her ear infection has cleared up, I believe.  The vet wants to do a follow-up so that will be good, hopefully Hera will get the all-clear and hopefully she won’t get another ear infection.

I have to stop at Costco on the way home, dog food and people food (for Christmas) is needed.  All in all, it should be a good trip.

I am leaving Blondie and Twix at home, I think they’ll be happier at home.  Crowsnest Pet Care is coming over to let them out and feed them, so they are being taken care of.  So, another trip for just Hera and I.

Enjoy the weekend.

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Another quick weekend…

It has been a pretty easy-going weekend.  I wanted to make pasta sauce, didn’t get to that, unsure why, laziness perhaps…  I did make banana bread today, for the first time ever and it turned out really well.  I was impressed with myself.

Hera’s ear infection seems to be doing well with the medication that she was prescribed.  The steroids that they gave her caused her to have peeing accidents on Wednesday night, so I decided to stop giving her that.  I called the vet and let them know, since she only had one half of a pill, I didn’t figure there would be any withdrawal symptoms and the vet agreed.  Poor Hera, if dogs feel embarrassed, she definitely did when I woke up at 2am and discovered pee in the hallway, bathroom, living room and kitchen.  Nothing since.

It was cold and snowy this weekend.  It was 5C or so on Friday afternoon and again on Saturday morning and then the temps dropped down to the -15C range or so on Saturday afternoon.  It is so nice being back in civilization and having gas heat.  We aren’t freezing our buts off this winter.  This house isn’t drafty either.  What a place that was out by the lake, should be bulldozed.  I feel bad for whoever moved in there in August, I am willing to bet they won’t stay past one year.

Only a couple of weeks until Christmas.  I will likely have two people over for dinner on Christmas Day.  I have not decided if I am making a turkey breast or a full turkey this year.  I will need to call the butcher stop that I have been going to and see if they can do a stuffed bird.

I am working over the holidays, other than the mandatory days off, this is OK though as I suspect it will be VERY quiet.  We get a short break from the insanity, until January 6 rolls around and that week is insanely busy.  I have always said I should take the first week of January off, yet I never have.

I do have a week booked off in February though.  I am heading down to California for a few days, driving there and back.  A friend of mine turns 60 and I am seeing another friend that I have not seen in 14 years – should be a great week.  The dogs will stay in the pet resort up here.  Will be nice to get away from the cold for a bit too.

Well, hopefully you had a good weekend, they do seem to go by too quickly.  Enjoy your week.

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A trip to the vet…

Over last weekend, Hera was showing signs that her right ear was bothering her.  On Tuesday, I called and made an appointment for the vet.  Overnight, I guess it got worse and her ear was really bothering her and I could smell it so I called and changed my appointment for Wednesday afternoon.

So, off we go, just Hera and I to the vet – in Calgary.  Long story there, but basically, it took me a long time to find a vet that I really liked in Calgary and now that I have found one, I am going to keep going there.  Typically, it is for yearly check-ups.  In fact, this is the first time in the time that I have had dogs that I have had one sick.

Blondie and Twix were none too impressed that I was taking Hera somewhere and not taking them along.  I arranged for Crowsnest Pet Care to come over and let them out and feed them though, so they would have enjoyed that.

The drive to Calgary was great – dry and clear roads all the way, until we actually reached Calgary that is.  It was clear and mild in the Pass, it was overcast and cool with snow flurries in Calgary – figures.  Glenmore Trail at rush hour is lots of fun to drive on, throw in a little bit of snow and everyone forgets how to drive.

We arrived on time, good thing I gave myself a 3-hour window.  We got right in to see the vet, not Hera’s regular vet but one of the other vets in the clinic.  She definitely has an ear infection and the vet cleaned out some awful looking black goop from her ear.  Yuck.  Luckily, it didn’t smell bad at least but it was gross looking…

She’s going to take some ear drops for the next 10 days or so, we are scheduled to re-visit next Friday for a follow-up.  They also gave her some steroids and one of the possible (although not likely side-effects) was needing to pee a lot.  Well, Hera couldn’t hold it last night and peed in various places in the house – not fun having to clean that up in the middle of the night…  I just pat her head and gave her a hug, I know it’s not her fault and if a dog can look embarrassed, Hera did.

She’s not bothering her ear so much today which is a good sign.  Hopefully it will clear up soon.

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Happy December

It’s December 1, already.  This year is zooming by.

I am now ok with people putting up Christmas decorations.  I will be putting up my majestic Christmas Tree today, this is a picture from last year:


Majestic, isn’t it?  I am not into decorating and whatnot, this tree is absolutely perfect.  I am not sure where I will put it this year, but I have a few places in mind.

It will stay up until January 1, then go back into storage for another 11 months.

Here’s this years version of the Majestic Christmas Tree:


Notice the subtle differences?  This years tree shares the top of the bookcase with Lord Vader and protected by my trusty Knight.

This year, I may have two guests for Christmas dinner which will be nice.  I haven’t decided if I am doing a full turkey, or a turkey breast, or what.  I guess I need to make up my mind.  I will have to see if I can borrow a roasting pan.  I had one and I remember exactly where I left it when I moved out of the house in Calgary – it was on the top shelf in the laundry room.  Oh well.  I don’t have to have to buy a roasting pan, not for something I may use once a year anyway…  Hopefully, my neighbour will have one I can borrow.

Nothing big planned for today other than a hike with the dogs, putting up my Majestic Christmas tree and perhaps start on the paperwork that I need to fill in for Air Cadets.  I have not really looked through what I have to do as yet, but the email I received had 19 attachments.  What fun.  I did confirm that I don’t have to shave my beard off at least, so that’s good.  I have had facial hair longer in my life than being fur-free.  LOL

No football today – my Buffalo Bills ran all over the Dallas Cowboys on American Thanksgiving this past Thursday.  It was a pretty good game and I won a bet against a friend at work.  She now has to take me for dinner when I visit in August, I am greatly looking forward to it.

Well, Happy December and have a good Sunday.


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I think Winter is here…

It looks like winter is here.  We got about 6″ of snow or snow yesterday and it’s snowing again today and we are under a Winter storm warning for the day.  It’s cold, -12C right now and windy, so it’s not a friendly day at all.  BUT, I did choose to live in the mountains and I am willing to put up with an early and long winter to have the rest of what you get living where I do.

I am pretty much in my Winter hibernation mode already.  I am hitting bed relatively early, between 9 and 10 and sleeping in until after 5am, not that 3am crap that I was doing for a few months.  It’s quite nice not being exhausted all day.

No real Winter activities are planned, other than hikes with the dogs when it isn’t -20C or colder.  I did buy snowshoes back in the early Fall and I am hoping to get some use of them.  Blondie and Hera love the snow and cold, Twix loves the snow, the cold, not so much but when she wears her sweater, she’s much better.

I am hoping to do some ice fishing at some point this Winter, I’ve only ever done it once.  Lots of great places to do it.

November is almost over, the Fall is zooming by.  It is so nice having gas heat in the house, as opposed to the nonsense I put up with last year.  This house is insulated well, which is nice and it’s not drafty.

Anyway, hopefully you aren’t getting snowed in, we are here today (sort of).  Enjoy.

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Saturday, a day of nothingness…

Last week was interesting at work.  Monday through Wednesday were insanely busy which made the days zoom on by.  Thursday was what I would call a normal day and Friday was much more relaxed, not busy at all.

Yesterday, it was a day of nothingness.  I did have to go and pick up my bi-weekly vegetables and stop at the grocery store for milk and salad dressing – I came home with milk, so, guess what I am going back for today?  It is hard to have a salad without salad dressing.  Oh well.  I didn’t even go on a hike with the dogs, I know, bad…

I went back to bed yesterday morning after getting up way too early, I can see something similar happening today.  I watched a couple of older but great movies – V for Vendetta and Glory.  I have Amazon Prime which gives you a great selection of movies and TV shows.  I could almost cancel my satellite subscription.

The Bills are hosting the Broncos today at 11am (my time) and are looking to go 8-3 for the first time in 20 years I believe it is.  Should be a good game and I am sure there will be some trolling between a few of us on Facebook.  Later on today, the Pats visit the Cowboys, I am sure PB will be glued but I don’t see the Cowboys fairing too well in this contest.

Nothing else planned for today, except we will go for a hike, between football games.  Weather should be good for a hike along the mountains.  Enjoy your Sunday.

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Hit smack dab in the face, first thing Monday…

I was sort of hoping that when I returned to work on Monday that I would be able to ease into the work-week, ease back into the work routine, you know, nothing out of the ordinary.  Well, nope.   Monday, at 6:30am when I started, I was hit, smack-bad in the face with issues and it continued, pretty well non-stop through the end of yesterday.  Don’t get me wrong, it made for an interesting three days and three very fast days as well, they zoomed by.

It was a good, I suppose, start to the work-week and my return to work.  I can’t say I was bored at any rate and I didn’t drown, so, at the end of the day, all is well.  Just another two days left and I think it should be a tad quieter.

Nothing really planned for the upcoming weekend, a hike or two with the dogs and a nap or two on the weekend.  I will catch the Bills game on Sunday, hopefully, they can continue in their winning ways and drive for a playoff spot, that would be sweet.  Next week, they play in Dallas on American Thanksgiving.  That will be exciting.  I am hoping that I can catch a Cowboys game next September when I hopefully will visit Texas.  It will depend on the schedule of course, if Dallas is home, and also on how much it will cost – I understand it can be rather expensive.

Nothing else happening in my world.  I am glad to be back into my regular routine.  I am not planning on being away from home any time soon, I am sure the dogs will be happy about that.  The holidays are approaching and I will likely have a friend down for a few days over Christmas, so that will be nice.  Otherwise, the holidays are quiet, just the way I like ’em.


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Back to a normal routine…

My week off is over.  I am actually glad to be back into a normal routine.  It was relaxing, but I actually got bored, my own fault of course.

My trip to Calgary on Friday was productive.  I left around 11AM and dropped the dogs off at the pet resort for a one-night stay.  They happily went in, which is good to see – I do believe they like it there.

The trek north was uneventful which is how all trips should be.  The weather was nice, warm, for this time of year, nearly 10C.  I stopped at Costco in Okotoks.  Gas was 90 cents a litre, filled up.  I went in to get dog food and chicken treats for the dogs.  Well, as I am heading for the check-outs, there was a large Traeger grill display and a couple of Traeger reps.  They normally don’t sell Traeger grills at Costco, just the accessories, this was a factory direct thing.

I ended up buying myself a Traeger, I have been looking for a number of months and I saved a lot of money buying one on Friday.  I got some free add-ons when he thought I was going to walk away without buying, so I am happy.  It did sort of derail the shopping in Calgary I had planned to do, but what the hell.  I now have the grill/smoker that I wanted and got it for a great price.

I spent part of the afternoon in the Calgary office, saw some co-workers I normally don’t see so it was a good afternoon.

Dinner was at Mina’s Brazilian Steakhouse in downtown Calgary.  It was a great venue and the food was pretty darn good as well.  It was not the best Brazilian place I have been to in Calgary but it was an 8/10 all in all.  None of us left hungry and it didn’t cost me a dime since this was the result of the Astros beating the Yankees in the ALCS.

I spent the night in Calgary.  Driving home after a Meat Coma meal, at night (for 2.5 hours) at this time of year can sometimes not be fun.  I left Calgary around 8am on Saturday, retrieved my dogs and had a relaxing rest of the weekend.

Back to work today and I am glad to be back into a normal routine, until the Christmas break I guess anyway.  Have a good week.

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