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First day of summer

Last night I umpired for the 3rd night in a row at Foothills stadium and this was the 7th game in 5 days.  That’s a pretty busy schedule, at least I don’t do any physical work in my job, just … Continue reading

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Let’s just relax, on our new couch…

I umpired last night, that’s no surprise – I seem to umpire most nights.  That’s OK though, for the most part I enjoy it and the extra income is good too.  It was a pretty good game, weather was perfect … Continue reading

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A new couch, how exciting?

Almost four years ago, I bought a large sectional from the Brick.  It was leather and it was on sale.  It was something called bonded leather, I asked the sales rep if it would be good with dogs, he assured … Continue reading

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Busy weekend…

This past weekend flew by, as most weekends do.  I umpired a total of 4 games and did two of them alone so I will get paid for 5 games.  Not a bad weekend, profit-wise.  It was some good ball … Continue reading

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Damn baseballs hitting me…

I umpired tonight, big surprise, I do a lot of that this time of year. I was at New Brighton field, about 40 minutes away from my house. Only one slowdown heading there at 545, rush hour had pretty much … Continue reading

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It’s baseball season so I was umpiring…

This past weekend went by too quickly, as most weekends do.  I umpired a Cal Ripken league double-header on Saturday.  It was cloudy and breezy so perfect for umpiring.  Two pretty good games.  The league plays 6 innings and a … Continue reading

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Politics, dogs and umpiring…

Yesterday as election day in the province of Ontario.  Although I no longer live there, I was hoping that the NDP would not form the government.  It seemed like the momentum was going their way, and I know why this … Continue reading

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Dog Sitting

I am dog-sitting for the rest of the week, Lita has joined the pack once again for a few days while her Mom galavants about the planet.  The four dogs are already exhausted, playing steady for 2+ hours wears them … Continue reading

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Another Monday Already…

Another new week starts, Monday.  Why do weekends go by so quickly, it’s not really fair.  I am not necessarily a hater of Mondays, they happen, nothing we can do about them. I had an uneventful double-header yesterday at Optimist … Continue reading

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Quick weekends

I umpired a single game today, Cal Ripken 12u. It was back in the old area that I first lived in when I moved to Calgary. It was a decent game, we made it though 6 innings. Great day for … Continue reading

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