Back to the regular routine…

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I returned from my trip to Ontario, definitely back into the normal routine. It’s been a non-descript two weeks pretty well.

The dogs and I have gone for hikes, the weather has been pretty good, other than a few days of steady rain, the same rain that’s caused the awful flooding in BC. No flooding here, the river is high and wild though.

The four of us are heading to Calgary today to go for a hike with a friend and his dog. I’m also stopping at Costco on the return trip for dog food and groceries and gas as well. That’ll be the most excitement we’ve had in a bit.

I have dinner in the Crock-Pot for tonight. A 3lb roast with carrots and potatoes in with the roast. I have not made one of these in ages. Should be excellent.

Tomorrow will be a relaxing football day, nothing else planned. Sounds like a good weekend to me.

I’m going to ramp up my search for a job next week. I’m actually getting bored. It’s been a month now since baseball ended (umpiring) and I don’t have a lot to keep me entertained. My 7 months off have been great though, but it’s time to do something.

Enjoy your weekend.

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