Home, sweet home

We left for Toronto early yesterday, I had a pass for the Air Canada Lounge and I wanted to catch the Bills game. The food and drink in the lounge were great, the Bills game, not so much.

The flight boarded on time, it was a full flight. It was also delayed leaving by almost 30 minutes. I didn’t figure that I’d be able to get my dogs last night at it was going to be late when I got back to The Pass.

The flight was uneventful, but the entertainment system in front of me didn’t work, so it was a boring flight. The food was good though. When I boarded, I asked them to save me pizza. Believe it or not, pizza on the Air Canada flights is pretty good.

We landed in Calgary at about 710pm. The walk to the main terminal is a long walk. My baggage was the within a few minutes. I texted the company where I left my truck and they picked me up about 15 minutes later. My truck was running when I got to it, I headed south. I didn’t get the dogs until close to 11pm, they were happy to see me and I was happy to see them.

We went to bed as soon as I got home, just before 1130. I slept well, it was a long day. I had forgotten to turn off the Alexa routines that turned on my lights while I was gone, so they came on at 5, far too early to get up, but I did.

Today was a nothing day. We got some snow, only a few inches and most of it was melted by the Sun. Typical Alberta in November.

The dogs and I will settle into our normal routine. That’ll be good.

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