Heading home…

I decided to rent a car for Friday and Saturday at my brother in law’s SUV was in the shop and Niagara can be a challenge to get around without one, to say the least. It was not really in my budget, but I didn’t eat out as often as I thought I might, so what the heck.

I did some running around on Friday, went to the Pen Center which is a large shopping mall in St. Catharines. Back when I worked at the Niagara Region, we used to go to the food court once a week, or so, and I’d often get Charlie’s Steakery. I got it as a late breakfast on Friday, the same woman worked there (the owner, I believe) and the chicken Philly was as good as I remember.

I went out for wings with a friend in the afternoon and had dinner at my brother in law’s place. I met another friend for coffee on Friday evening.

I went for breakfast to the Greasy Spoon on Saturday then to what used to be Duff’s for lunch, the food was great and the renovations totally changed the place. It was nice catching up with friends from back in the St. Catharines Minor Baseball days. I made my World Famous Indian Thai fusion chicken for dinner, it was good, perhaps a bit spicy and we had a cannoli pie for dessert. The piece I had was, well, enormous.

I went back to the Greasy Spoon this morning for a light breakfast, we took the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood and then headed for the airport. Some delays on the trip but made decent time.

I watched a horrible Buffalo Bills game in the Air Canada Lounge but had some good good and drinks. The flight was nearly 30 minutes late leaving, but, we are in the air now. It might be too late to get my dogs this evening, it’s going up depend on how quickly I can get my bags and then how quickly the parking shuttle can bring me to my truck. We’ll see, and I’ll do my best to get them this evening.

All in all, it was a great trip, saw a bunch of people and had a good and relaxing time. I am looking forward to touching down and heading home though. Thanks for the hospitality, Ontario.

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