A busy few days in Ontario…

My flight in Wednesday landed a bit earlier than I expected. As I’ve written, I think the plane was flying faster.

It was an uneventful flight from Calgary, sort of the way that one would want a flight to be. I didn’t have to wait long to pick up my bag, it was there within about 10 minutes, which is far better than the nearly hour long wait the last time I visited Ontario.

I made my way to the car rental place and this time, I knew exactly where I was going. I enquired about keeping the car longer, until Monday. I didn’t expect it to be feasible, but the price was very good, worked out to about $60 per day, so I have it until Monday evening. I’ll return it to the airport and will then take TTC to my aunt’s place downtown.

I rented a Kia SUV/crossover of some variety. It’s a decent vehicle, awfully low to the ground when you’re used to driving in a truck. It has that lane assist feature which I am finding annoying, but I can’t figure out how to turn the damn thing off. Oh well. It is good on gas at any rate.

So I headed to St. Catharines shortly after 6pm, maybe closer to 630. There was some traffic but not too bad, although, for no reason, traffic did come to several stops along the way. Once I hit Burlington, traffic was much lighter and moved well.

Another feature the car has is when you stop, the engine shuts off and then starts up again when you take your foot off of the brake. That’s another annoying feature that I don’t care for in vehicles. I try to remember to disable it when I start a trip.

Yesterday was a fairly relaxed day. I woke up stupid early, even earlier than I normally would, but I went back to bed and napped, getting up around 930. I didn’t get out of the house until almost noon and did some galavanting. I toured around St. Catharines a bit to see what’s changed and there’s quite a bit since I last drove about the city. I stopped in the meat shop I used to frequent when I lived here, it’s now owned by my brother in law’s brother. I was making dinner last night, London broils, stuffed peppers and roasted potatoes.

I took my two nephew dogs for a walk along the lake in the afternoon and them got back and made dinner. The meal was excellent, if I do say so for myself. It was topped off with pumpkin pie.

I’m heading out for breakfast in a few hours, gotta accommodate for these non morning people. I have a friend coming over for lunch then I head to Welland for dinner and evening with friends. Tomorrow, I’m heading to Toronto to pick up my aunt and cousin and we’re heading back here for Halloween Thanksgiving.

All in all, it’ll be a good and busy couple of days. Halloween is Sunday and I’m watching some football with friends in the afternoon. Hopefully the weather will be good for kids who are trick or treating.

Enjoy your weekend, it’s almost here.

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