Are we flying faster?

As had been sort of a tradition, I typically do a blog entry while I’m flying.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m flying to Toronto today and spending 11 days in my home province. Internet access on flights has become affordable, compared to a few years ago when it definitely wasn’t. It helps to kill the time.

I’m watching Godzilla vs Kong, it’s not a particularly good movie, thus far. I’m not overly surprised though, I think I had low expectations coming in.

I got to the airport early today and spent a couple of hours in the Air Canada Lounge. I had some breakfast (brisket eggs Benedict), a latte and a coffee. It was nice, comfortable lounge and good food. I got my black cowboy boots shined, he did a great job and the boots look like new.

Today’s flight is only 3 hours long for some reason. Typically, the flights are at least 3:40, so I’m a bit confused. Is the plane flying faster? High tail winds? What? I’m not complaining, just curious more than anything.

Anyway, we are landing at 5pm Eastern Time now, so I should be able to get my rental vehicle by 530 or so and head to St. Catharines. I’m sure I’ll have to fight some traffic, but that’s ok.

Nothing on tap for tonight that I’m aware of, other than watching the World Series and hoping that Houston can get it going and win game 2.

I’m looking forward to my visit, should be a good time.

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