3 hours on hold? Don’t think so…

I got confirmation that extending my trip to Ontario by 4 days wasn’t an issue with my host. The friends that look after my dogs were good to go as well, so the next step was changing my return flight with Air Canada.

I logged onto the website and logged in. I went to the area to change my flight, selected the flight, made the changes, entered my payment information and clicked to proceed. I was surprised that between Sunday and Monday, the change increased in price from $78 to $95. Not a huge change, but I wonder if it goes up by $20 per day? I was given an error message and told to try it again, so I did.

Same error message and they suggested that I call Air Canada. Sure, I can do that. I called in and navigated their phone system and then I got a message that the expected wait time was greater than three hours.

What? THREE hours on hold to speak with someone? Does Air Canada have one customer service rep working for them? Air travel is slow right now, I can’t imagine that you have all that many people calling in, so, I am guessing this means that you have very few customer service people working. At any rate, I was not going to wait for more than 3 hours on hold. Not to confirm a change in a flight, not for pretty much anything.

I went back to the website and see that my flight is showing as what I wanted, not the old flight and when I checked my online credit card, it showed that the purchase went through. OK, odd. Anyway, I am now scheduled to return to Alberta on Sunday, November 7 in the late afternoon. I will get back just after dinner and then will be able to get my dogs on the way home. I hope that we don’t have 3 feet of snow on the ground, if we do, I may book into a hotel for the evening and drive home during the day on Monday.

This will give me a few more days to see some friends and whatnot. I arrive Wednesday evening, head to Niagara and then back to Toronto on Monday until Thursday, back to Niagara until my return flight. It should be a good time, I am looking forward to it.

I will miss the dogs, but I will be hanging out with my nephew dogs in St. Catharines and I know that mine will have a good time and will be well taken care of.

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