Congrats Atlanta !!!

Last night, I watched the second National League game of this playoffs. It’s sort of weird, since my number one team, the Colorado Rockies, are in the National League, but they didn’t quite make the playoffs this year. By that, I mean they were 40 games out or so. Actually, the did better than I expected this season. I had them figured for about 55 wins this year, they got 74 and finished in 4th place in the division. And, after checking, they were only 32.5 games out, so I exaggerated.

I digress.

So yesterday, I watched the LA Dodgers play the Atlanta Braves in game 6 of the NLCS. Going back a few weeks, I was hoping that the Cardinals would eliminate the Dodgers in the Wild Card game. No such luck, the Dodgers won and had to face the Giants in the NLCS. It was sort of weird really. The 107 game winning Giants were hosting the 106 game winning Dodgers. Some thing that with that record, the Dodgers shouldn’t have been the Wild Card team, or seedings should have been reset for playoffs. Well, I think those people are wrong. Yes, a team with over 100 wins was going to be eliminated from the playoffs, oh well. Unfortunately, it was the wrong team. LA somehow defeated the Dodgers. I was disappointed.

Again. I digress.

I watched yesterdays game to see, hopefully and finally, the LA Dodgers get eliminated from the post-season. I am unsure why I hate the Dodgers so much, it’s relatively recent, but I do. Thankfully, last night was not their night and the Braves won the game in epic fashion. The final was 4-2, it was a great game. I am sure that the fans in LA are disappointed, as if my friend in California, the only other Dodgers fan, but I am also sure that they’ll get over it.

Congratulations to the Braves on a great season and making the 2021 World Series. You now get to face my favourite American League team, the Houston Astros. I hope we mop the field with you. Up until last evening, I supported the Braves as I wanted them to eliminate LA. They did and now I am no longer rooting for them.

May the best team win.

Play Ball !!!

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