Congrats Astros !!!

I figured, for sure, that with the injuries to pitchers, that the Houston Astros were not going to be able to get by the Boston Red Sox. They won game one in epic fashion, it was a very exciting game.

Game two, the starter got rocked, early and often. I turned the game off (in disgust) but the Astros tried to make a game out of it and lost 9-5, so not horrible. If anything, the Astros bats are typically red hot.

In game 3, Boston crushed Houston and I thought that the series was over. Game 4 saw the Astros even up the series and crush Boston, so it seemed like we were going to see a bit of everything in the series. I was out so I missed both of those games.

The Astros continued bashing runs in and won game 5 by a score of 9-1. Now the series was on the verge of being won and the Astros turned things around in only a few games.

Last night they returned to Houston and the game 2 starter was on the mound. As opposed to the stinker he threw in game 2, he was nearly perfect, in fact, threw a no-hitter until the 5th. He left with a 2-0 lead in the game when the bullpen took over. The Astros hit a 3-run homer in the 8th to pad the lead and the closer got 3 up and 3 down in the 9th to secure Houston’s spot in the World Series.

All in all, a very exciting series and some great baseball. I am hoping that McCullers is able to return for the World Series, they will have their hands full with either the Braves or Dodgers. I am hoping, beyond hope, that it’s the Braves as I really can’t stand the Dodgers.

Game 6 is tonight, back in Atlanta with the Braves up 3 games to 2. I have not watched any of the NLCS, but I am surprised how well the Braves have been playing. I will watch tonight, should be good.

I think that after umpiring all summer and fall that I am a bit baseballed out. I umpired only 45 games this season and enjoyed almost every minute of it, but it means, or seems to mean, that I am not as excited by MLB playoffs as I normally am. Good luck tonight Braves, punch your ticket to the World Series against the Astros.

Play Ball !!!

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