Ontario bound, next week…

I am going to drop the dogs off on Tuesday morning and then am heading to Calgary. I decided to stay over on Tuesday evening as opposed to driving up to Calgary on Tuesday. Living in the middle of nowhere, you learn that driving at dawn and dusk is risky due to the number of animals that attempt to commit suicide by running in front of your vehicle.

Now, that can happen at any time of day, obviously, but, at dawn and dusk, the animals seem to be more active and the light conditions are great for seeing these animals. I can do some stuff around Calgary on Tuesday afternoon and meet with a friend on Tuesday evening.

I booked myself into the motel that I used all summer when I was umpiring. The rates have gone up by $15 or so from summer, I guess everything is going up. Still, the room was $80, not too bad. I looked at parking for the truck while I am away as well.

I kept it at a lot near the airport the last time and they drop you off and pick you up, not a bad deal. I am going there again this time around. The only issue is that the lot is surrounded by gravel roads, so the dust is something else. I looked at a lot at a hotel near the airport, it was about the same price and was slightly cheaper, if you stay one night at the hotel, the only issue there was that the hotel was $50 a night more than what I am paying. Sure, they have a pool, but I highly doubt that I am going to go for a swim anyway.

I drop my truck off early on Wednesday morning and will get to the airport probably around 3 to 3.5 hours early. I have a pass to the Air Canada lounge, so I plan on relaxing and having a bite to eat after checking in.

On the Toronto side of things, I hope that I don’t have to wait nearly an hour for my bag. I am checking a bag since it’s included with my flight, it will make it easier than trying to pack everything into a weekend bag.

I have a busy agenda while I am back, but I am not travelling all over the place. I only have a rental car for getting from the airport to St. Catharines. I am taking the Go Train to head back to Toronto. I have not decided how I am getting from my aunt’s place to the airport when I head home, I may just take a taxi, will have to see. It will be more expensive, but far more convenient than taking TTC, faster as well. My return flight was moved up and I fly out before 9am. I likely won’t be able to take advantage of the Air Canada lounge in Toronto. Oh well.

I get back to Calgary before 11am on the Thursday, will have to wait for my bad, although typically, the Calgary airport is pretty quick. I will then head home, stopping for the dogs on the way. I should be back by mid-afternoon. I am hoping that we won’t have 3 feet of snow on the ground.

All in all, it should be a good and relaxing trip. I am looking forward to it.

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