Kayaking and casinos…

Last week, Thursday or Friday, I saw a post on Facebook in one of the Crowsnest Pass groups about a local kayaking club that was looking for volunteers to assist with their casino event. I have done it before in Calgary for a few organizations and I have just recently gotten into kayaking, so I figured I’d reply.

I didn’t know there was a kayaking club in the area, it makes sense, it’s a popular activity and there are tons of great places to kayak here. I was looking forward to talking kayaking with people who have more experience than I do, which is almost everyone.

I did some kayaking back when I worked at a kids camp back when I was 20 and 21, but that is now 29 years ago. I took up kayaking this past summer and absolutely love it. It’s great exercise, full body as well, obviously your shoulders and back, but I had forgotten how much of a work-out your legs get. Two hours out on the water is quite tiring.

So, I had a call with one of the club members who was organizing the casino volunteers and I agreed to help out. My shift was yesterday, 1pm until 8pm. I got to Lethbridge at about 1230. The day went by quickly, although we were not busy, that’s for sure. The casino was sort of dead. I am guessing that Covid has really slowed things down. We were given a free dinner and the food was excellent. After balancing, I left at about 8:15pm. I picked up the dogs on the way home, so I don’t need to get them this morning. I was home by 10pm.

I am looking forward to continuing with the kayak club and learning from people who’ve been doing it forever. Should work out well.

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