Not a good Monday in sports…

Yesterday was not a good day in sports for me.

I had a conflict between baseball and football. The Astros were playing in game three of the ALCS and the Bills were playing against the Titans. I wasn’t sure which way to go, so I used some male sports logic.

I watched game 1 of the ALCS and Houston won. In game two, I was at my neighbours place for the start of the game and when I looked at my phone, I saw they were quickly down 4-0. At the time, I didn’t realize it was a grand slam. When I got home and checked, I saw it was 8-0. I don’t mind blow-outs, but it’s typically when my team is doing the blowing out. I didn’t turn the game on.

That game 2 loss could be my fault. So, I had to watch game 3. I turned it on with some expectations, although with the injuries to pitchers, I figured that the Astros might have some issues, at least they bash the ball about. They were down 2-0 fairly quickly, but that is easy to come back from. I turned the game off, in disgust, when the Astros gave up their third grand slam in the past 2 games. Down 6-0, I figured that the game was over and as I said to a friend of mine who’s a Red Sox fan, whoever wins game 3 will likely win the series. Grienke is on the mound this evening, so that might get the Astros the win, time will tell.

After turning off the baseball game, I started up DAZN to watch the Bills. I will note that due to umpiring and another conflict with baseball, the only Bills game I have watched this year was the season opener (it rained that day, so baseball was washed out), and the Bills lost. I watched the Bills kick a field goal to go up, 6-0 I think it was at the time. The second play that I saw was a 76 yard TD run by the Titans. Although the game was still well within reach, I decided that perhaps Monday wasn’t my night for sports. I turned the game off.

I am sure that the Bills will bounce back. They have a good club. I am not sure what went wrong yesterday, I suppose I wasn’t in the mood to watch to find out. The Astros, well, with pitching injuries and lackluster bats, they may be done. I can’t watch tonight, I will be out.

I saw a post on Facebook last week, it was the Pincher Creek Kayaking Club looking for volunteers to assist with a casino they are running in Lethbridge. I have done that before in Calgary and I have recently rediscovered kayaking, so I figured I would offer to assist. It should be a fun afternoon and evening and I am sure I will get to discuss kayaking with people far more knowledgeable than I am about the sport. Baseball will take a back seat, unfortunately, as I enjoy watching Grienke pitching. I wish them well and a win will go a long way in them coming back in the series. A loss tonight and I think they are done. Coming back for 3 straight wins is a tall order.

I am not worried about the Bills, no one thought they’d go the rest of the season without a loss. I will pick them back up this coming weekend.

Oh, on another sports note, I am a Calgary Flames fan as well and I see they lost in OT.

So, all in all, Monday was not a good day in sports for me.

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