Heading to Ontario…

I am heading back to Ontario in 10 days for an 8 day trip. Flights are still ridiculously inexpensive, typically, a return flight Calgary-Toronto is somewhere around $550, I booked this flight for $222 return. Not bad at all.

I have a friend on Facebook who flies all over and he’s very nicely given me a pass to upgrade with Air Canada, I get a few free checked bags, priority boarding, access to the Air Canada lounges both in Calgary and Toronto, it’s very nice. I typically fly back to Ontario on the Red Eye, but this time around, I am not doing that, I am leaving on a morning flight which gets to Ontario around dinner time.

I have rented a car to get from the airport to St. Catharines. It is cheaper to rent a car and have it for 24 hours than it is to get Niagara Air Bus to take me from the airport to my brother in laws place. I thought that was a bit insane. I plan on having a much lower-key trip this time around. I am not driving all over the place, I am sticking to St. Catharines and then back to Toronto.

We are having a late Thanksgiving dinner on October 30, so a Halloween Thanksgiving I guess. I love a full turkey dinner. My brother in law has invited my aunt and cousin to join us as well, so that will be good. I am spending one night at a friend’s place in Welland and seeing some other people, it’ll be busy but I just won’t be driving much, which works for me.

I head back to Toronto on Monday morning, November 1 – going to take the Go Train to Toronto and then spend a few days with my aunt and cousin, as well as have dinner with an ex-coworker. I head back to Alberta on the 4th.

The dogs will be boarding with my friends. They love it there, lots of room to play and they have a Great Dane puppy that Hera absolutely loves to play with.

So, it should be a good trip and likely the last trip I will make back there for a while.

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