Another trip to Calgary…

Back in May, I wanted to upgrade my phone. Ever since i started using smartphones, I’ve always wanted the newest models, for whatever reason. I had a Pixel 3a XL and it was a great phone. Back during my visit to California (February 2020) the phone got wrecked and I replaced it with the same model, then, just over a year later, wanted an upgrade. Perhaps it’s a sickness, I don’t know.

Anyway, I was going to upgrade to a Pixel 5. When I looked at pricing options, at the time, it was fairly expensive so I decided against getting the Pixel 5 and I opted instead to return to the Samsung world of phones. I didn’t get their newest and greatest, I went one model older, the S20 Ultra.

I had forgotten how nice stock Android was. The hardware for the S20 is great, top notch, but the operating system, absolutely horrible what Samsung had done to it. They add all their own crap to it, crap that they also don’t allow you to get rid of. I did my best to make it look and feel like a Pixel phone, but was only so successful.

So, over the last few weeks, I’ve been looking for a used Pixel 5 on Facebook Marketplace. I did look at upgrading through the carrier (Rogers, in my case) but I’d have to buy the S20 out, an expensive proposition. I looked at adding a second line, nope, not spending $70 a month just to get a better phone.

Late last week, I saw someone in Calgary offering a Pixel 5, new and unopened. I was surprised. I contacted him and arranged to go and get it. The dogs and I headed to Calgary yesterday morning. When we arrived, I messaged that we were there and didn’t get a response. I though oh great, it was a fake ad. We waited for about 30 minutes and no response. I was disappointed for sure.

We headed off to the dog park for a walk and on the way, I got a reply. He apologized, said he didn’t see my message. We finished our walk and headed back, the seller had given his phone number so I could call him when we returned. All was well, not a fake ad. It was, indeed, a brand new Pixel 5. Cool.

So, anyway, I’m using that Pixel 5 to write this blog entry. I had it basically setup shortly after getting it, but it needed some 6GB worth of updates that I didn’t really want to get over wireless, so they waited until I got home. The dogs and I did some other running around and a stop at Costco, it was a productive day. I just finished installing the last security update, it’ll be nice getting those right away again.

I’ll know better next time, stick with what you know. I’ve had Pixel phones and before that the Nexus line if phones from Google for the past 9 years or so and they’ve been awesome. For someone coming new to Android, the phones that Samsung offers are fine, as I said, the hardware is fantastic and you wouldn’t notice the differences in the operating system. For me, a long time stock Android user, I just couldn’t adapt I guess.

In all honesty, I think I’d have preferred the newest iPhone over the S20, but that’s just me. Glad to be back with Pixel, should have known better than to leave.

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