Wrapping up the Fall Ball season…

I am heading back to Calgary tomorrow morning to umpire the last of Fall Ball for Babe Ruth. It definitely won’t feel like baseball weather. Saturday’s games don’t start until noon, as opposed to 10am, and I can only assume it’s because of cold morning temperatures. At any rate, I have 2 games Saturday and 2 games Sunday. Two double-headers will be a breeze compared to last weekend where I did 7 games in 2 days.

Since the trailer has been brought back down to the Pass, I am staying in a motel on Saturday evening. It was cheaper for the motel room than to store the trailer for another month in Calgary and towing it to Calgary and back this weekend would have used at least an entire tank of gas, whereas just a return trip is about a half tank of gas.

I have really enjoyed my return to umpiring this season. I totaled it up and I have done 45 games this season. Not a lot, compared to some years. I did lose about 8 games due to rain-outs, smoke-outs and 2 games where I was “injured”. Speaking of being injured, I got hit in the facemask with a ball back at the end of June. In an, abundance of caution, I presume, someone called an ambulance that I really didn’t need. Well, AHA (Alberta Health Services) sent me a bill for the ambulance to the tune of $250. I thought this was odd as one might think this would be covered by our universal health coverage that we enjoy in Canada. No such luck. I have sent the bill off to Babe Ruth Calgary to cover. I was a bit shocked at receiving a bill and that the bill was as much as it was. Had they decided to take me to a hospital, I can only imagine what that would have cost. So, anyone who thinks Canada has “free” health care, think again. First off, nothing is free, it’s all paid for via taxes and second, even then we do pay for a lot. End of rant, if that was a rant.

So, I fully plan on umpiring again next season. I quite enjoy it and when you’re behind the plate, you have the best view of the game. The money isn’t all that bad either, it covers my expenses in going to Calgary and what not, so it’s not a bad deal all in all.

In MLB action, the Red Sox eliminated the Evil Empire of the Yankees on Tuesday evening. The useless Cardinals couldn’t do me the favour of getting rid of the Dodgers on Wednesday, unfortunately, so they are still around. Yesterday, my Astros took care of the White Sox and in the evening game, the Rays demolished the Red Sox. Today, there are a total of 4 games, I plan on watching 3, I think. Not much else going on. Gotta love October baseball.

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