October Baseball – Babe Ruth and MLB…

I guess I was a bit tired from my umpiring this past weekend. I slept like the dead on Monday evening. I went to bed early, just after 8pm and slept until after 5:30am. Not bad at all, considering how I normally sleep. I suppose 7 games in 2 days was a lot of baseball. My feet were sore, that’s for sure. So is my upper left arm as I got hit with a foul ball on Saturday evening. I don’t bruise easily and this is quite the bruise and it’s getting darker coloured by the day. Hazards of the job, I guess.

Two more double-headers this coming weekend. The trailer is now stored for the season at a friend’s property, so I will be staying in a motel in Calgary on Saturday night. Saturday’s umpiring doesn’t start until noon, so I don’t need to get on the road until 8:30 or so Saturday morning. I will drop the dogs off and head north. I will be back on Sunday in time (I hope) for the Bills game on Sunday night.

I was invited out for Thanksgiving dinner, but I will be too late getting back I think, that sort of sucks. I was invited to another “late” Thanksgiving dinner though and I will be having a Halloween Thanksgiving dinner at my brother in laws place when I return to Ontario at the end of the month. All in all, I think I will get my share of turkey dinners, one of my favourite meals.

This week has been low-key thus far. Yesterday was a gorgeous day, felt much more like August than early October, I think we got to 22C. I have not as yet turned the heat on either. Every year, it’s sort of a game. I see how long I can go before I have to turn it on. It’s 0C this morning and the house is still warm, well, warm by my standards, 64F, which is warmer than I keep it in the winter anyway. In looking at the forecast, I will need to turn it on in the next few days I think, likely tomorrow, but we’ll see.

Baseball playoffs have started, I am talking MLB of course. Last night, the Red Sox hosted the Yankees and to my and many, many others happiness, the Red Sox eliminated the Yankees which is how the Yankees season should end every year. The Sox are going to have a tough time getting past the Rays I think. Tonight, in the NL Wild Card, the Dodgers host the Cardinals. I hope that the Cards will blow the Dodgers out of the water and eliminate them, nothing could be sweeter. Here’s to hoping.

Tomorrow, the Astros open their ALDS series against Chicago. Should be a good series, I think the Astros will take it in 4, time will tell.

Gotta love October baseball.

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