A busy 5 days ahead…

I will be dropping the dogs off early today as I am heading to Calgary for 5 days of camping and umpiring. I will stop off at the storage place and call AMA to replace the tire that blew out on the trailer. I plan on taking it into Kal Tire in Airdrie (very close to where I camp) to have them take a look at the other tires and replace the blown out one, at the very least. I can’t imagine that trailer tires are all that much, but I might be shocked, hope to be surprised. I am thinking $50-$75 per tire, but who knows.

I umpire tonight, a Tier 2 game. I am sure it will be a cool evening to umpire, the high in Calgary is supposed to be 15C and the game doesn’t start until 7pm so the sun will be mostly down by that time.

I am camping until Monday morning as I have 3 games on Sunday with the last ending at around 6:30 or so, don’t want to make a drive home after umpiring 6 games (3 on Saturday as well). I am sure I will be a little tired. I am unsure what I am doing on Thursday, it’s my “off” day, but I will find something to do. On Friday morning, I head back to the Pass and am helping an older lady move to Cranbrook. I am towing a trailer she’s arranged for the move. It’s a paid job, plus gas expenses so not too bad.

Hopefully the weather on Saturday and Sunday will be good for umpiring, the forecast is decent with temps in the upper teens. Should be a good weekend.

I will head home on Monday morning, stopping for the dogs along the way. All in all, should be a good 5 days.

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