Great Fall Ball in Calgary

I had an uneventful trip up to Calgary on Friday afternoon. I dropped the dogs off, they get excited when I make the second last turn to where they stay. I am glad they are happy to spend weekends there, they always enjoy going. I am also happy that I have friends that look after them on weekends for me so that I can umpire.

I setup the trailer for a couple of nights at Balzac Campground, just north of Calgary. I stopped by Foothills Stadium to catch part of the Calgary Dino’s Alumni baseball game. I chatted with a couple of people I met during my Babe Ruth coaching days and headed back to the campground when it got dark. I stopped by a trailer of a couple that I met a couple of weeks ago. They have an awesome Belgian Malanois dog, the first time I have ever met one of the breed, and she’s a sweetheart. We sat around the campfire, had a few drinks and some snacks and before we knew it, it was nearly midnight. I crashed about 12:05am, was asleep by about 12:06am and slept until after 7am, it was one of the first 7-hour sleeps I have had in I don’t know how long.

I had to umpire a triple-header on Saturday and it was 3 excellent games of baseball. Saturday night at the trailer was an early night, the 3 games wore me out. I went to bed by 930, I doubt it was even that late, but I woke up before midnight. At about 1:30, I was still awake and new I wasn’t sleep any time soon, so I went for a drive. Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s at 2am are pretty good. I got back to sleep around 3 and slept off and on until first light. Coffee at the trailer, sitting outside, listening to music seems to taste better than it does at home.

I had a double-header of Babe Ruth Tier 2 Fall Ball to umpire on Sunday. Not bad games, the day zoomed by. I headed out towards where I store my trailer before 4pm.

While driving down Highway 201 South, a tire blew out on the trailer. I suppose I am lucky that I had my windows open, I was able to hear it. I pulled over to take a look. I called AMA (CAA), and as soon as I did, I realized they had a trailer package that I had not added to my account. After talking to my brother in law, he confirmed that yes, it would be ok to drive the 8km to the trailer storage place. I made it without any issues and it’s parked.

I will get the trailer add-on added to my AMA package and will get them to change the tire for me on Wednesday when I head back to Calgary to umpire again. I will be camping Wednesday until Monday morning, with a trip back to the Pass on Friday to help someone move, which is a paying job, so it will be worth the time.

I am umpiring 6 games next weekend, 7 when you include Wednesday night. It will be a busy week, for sure. I know the dogs will be well looked after and it will be like a mini-getaway for me. There are only a few weeks left of Fall Ball, and then only weather permitting, although the long-term forecast looks good, if you believe forecasts.

It’s another Monday, and I am awake stupid early. Oh well, I am sure a nap is in my future today. Have a great Monday.

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