Another busy weekend of umpiring…

I am dropping off the dogs earlier than normal tomorrow, around noon and then heading to Calgary for the weekend. I am camping Friday and Saturday nights. Tomorrow evening, I am going to the Calgary Dino’s Alumni baseball game at Foothills stadium. There are, or should be, a few former Babe Ruth players playing, should be a good evening.

I have been enjoying camping in my trailer. The bed is very comfortable, which is great and with no heat turned on, it gets nice and cold which makes me sleep really well.

I umpire a triple-header on Saturday, 10/1/4, 2 plate games and one on the bases and then a double-header on Sunday. I am umpiring both tier 1 and tier 2 this weekend, so it will be a nice mix. I have not umpired any tier 1 baseball yet this Fall, so I am sure the quality should be pretty good.

There are still 4 weeks left for Fall Ball, presuming the weather stays nice. It is supposed to be in the mid-20’s on Saturday, so that will be awesome.

The weekend will be here before we know it, enjoy yours.

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