An un-needed election and no change…

Monday was election day in Canada. An un-needed election, I will add. The idiot who runs our country called one, trying to get a majority in government, which would have been bad. Right now, he at least has to get one of the opposition parties to agree with his lunacy before he can get something passed.

Anyway, I voted early, so I didn’t need to go and fight with lines of people, if there were lines of people. I was watch election results on Monday evening however, in between watching the first half of the Monday Night Football game between Detroit and Green Bay and then, the Astros and Angels. Anyhow, it ended up pretty much the way I expected it to, the Liberals won again with a minority government, in fact, very little change to what it was on Sunday.

So, the PM wasted over 600 million dollars on an election that no one wanted. As you might have guessed, I am NOT a Liberal, I have been a Conservative, well, ever since my brain developed, I suppose. I don’t particularly care for the Conservative leader, but, I was more than willing to give him a shot against the proven idiot in Trudeau.

We will know, in the next weeks and months if O’Toole survives as leader. The Conservatives have been, perhaps a little too quick, in getting rid of leaders who don’t win elections. I have read, and hope, that the Liberals toss aside Trudeau as well, but, I doubt that will happen. He seems to have some sort of mental hold on them, unsure how, it isn’t anything he’s done as PM, that’s for sure.

So, status quo for now, anyway. I do suppose that the Liberals winning is leagues above the NDP winning. Had that happened, I think the dogs and I would be relocating to Montana, which might not be a bad idea at all.

Yesterday was a day of pretty well nothing. I did some work around the house and watched baseball last night. I do need to clean my truck as the dogs rode in a few times and it’s a mess. I am back to camping and umpiring this weekend and am staying an additional night, both Friday and Saturday. I am going to watch the Calgary Dino’s Alumni baseball game on Friday evening, so I am camping that night as well. Should be a fun weekend with 5 games to umpire as well. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous which is awesome for this time of year.

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