A busy, busy weekend

This was a pretty busy weekend. I dropped the dogs off a bit earlier then normal on Friday. I helped with some technical issues (with a projector) and also helped move a new couch into their living room. The dogs are always happy going to boarding, they love the two people who look after them when I am in Calgary.

I went to bed around 9pm on Friday night, early, but I knew I was getting an early start. To ensure that I don’t sleep in (like that ever happens anyway), I asked Alexa to wake me at 5am. Not needed, not needed at all. I woke up shortly after 1am and could not for the life of me get back to sleep. I got up and out of bed at 2:20 or so. I wanted to leave the house around 5:30, so that meant I had 3 hours to kill.

The truck was already loaded and ready to go, so I didn’t have to take care of that at all. I decided that watching a Modern Family mini-marathon was a good idea.

I headed out on time and picked up by trailer right at 8am. I was early getting to the park to umpire, but arriving early is always better than arriving late. I was scheduled to umpire a double-header, 10am and 1pm. Both were pretty decent games. I picked up a 3rd game for 7pm as well.

I headed to Balzac (yes, that’s the name of the town I was camping in) and set the trailer up. I had some time to kill before I had to leave for the park so I stopped at Boston Pizza for dinner. The 7pm game was well played and was done in an hour and 45 minutes. I got back to my trailer around 930 and since I had been up for about 20 hours at that point, I slept like a dead rock until after 5am on Sunday, which, for me, is quite late.

It was a cold night, temps just above zero. I didn’t want to bother to start the furnace in the trailer, but the space heater I brought did a fantastic job of heating it up nicely. I went for breakfast with a friend (Denny’s, where else?) and umpired 2 games, both of which were ended by the mercy rule.

I headed back to drop the trailer off. I upgraded my site to a pull-through spot, so parking was far easier. I stopped at Costco on the way home, put almost 100 liters of gas in the truck and stopped on the way home to retrieve my dogs. They were very happy to see me, and I was to see them – seeing 3 waggle butts will make anyone happy.

So, the weekend zoomed by, that’s for sure. It was great weather, a little cool in the mornings but great for late-ish September. I get to do it all over again next weekend and I am looking forward to it.

If you’re Canadian, remember to vote today if you already haven’t done it like I have. I will stay up tonight to see the results, although by the time the polls close here, the decision has already been made. I hope that we rid ourselves of the governing Liberals and the absolutely corrupt Prime Minister. We’ll see. If you’re not Canadian, please, wish us luck.

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