A clean bill of health (for the dogs)

The dogs and I made the trek to Calgary yesterday for their annual check-ups at the vet. It took me a long time to find a vet that I really liked, so, when we moved down to Crowsnest Pass, I decided that we’d continue going to Glamorgan Animal Clinic. I am glad we did.

We left shortly before 10am and stopped at Costco in Okotoks on the way. I wanted to get slightly cheaper gas (it was $1.27 a liter, I think) and return something – I used restraint though and didn’t actually buy anything, a miracle for me.

We stopped at Shouldice Park as well, the off-leash park that we used to go to daily when we lived in Calgary. The dogs had a good run around, well, Hera didn’t run around, I wouldn’t let her, she was on-leash. I avoided the river area, as I didn’t want them to get wet right before the vet appointment.

We arrived at the clinic a bit early and the vet tech suggested I bring all three dogs in at the same time – I think she wanted to punish our vet for something. Not that the dogs are bad, not at all, but all three of them at once? Anyway, so all of us went in.

Blondie is in perfect shape for a Lab and he’s very impressed that, for an older Lab, she is in such good shape. Her teeth are good as well, so that’s awesome. Twix is being put on an anti-inflammatory to help with her back legs, he thinks she might be getting some arthritis back there, although she allowed him to fully check out her legs without any issues. Hera is healing very nicely from her surgery which was just 3 weeks ago. He’s very happy there. She needs follow-up x-rays 2 months after her surgery, which would be the end of October. I will take her to Peak in Pincher Creek for the x-rays.

So, all in all, the dogs are doing well. They do get plenty of exercise where we are, it’s so nice being able to go out into the “wilderness” for walks.

I will be dropping them off tonight for the weekend as I am heading back to Calgary tomorrow to umpire 2 double-headers. The weather forecast is much more promising this weekend, no rain is forecast, so I am looking forward to actually getting 4 games in. I will be camping again just past Cross Iron Mills mall off of Highway 2, north of Calgary. It’s a nice campground and has great facilities. I have already packed the stuff that I forgot the last time, so I should be set for a good night of camping. I will miss the Bills game on Sunday, but that’s ok. I hope they start their winning ways, especially against the Dolphins. I will get back to football in mid-October, after Fall Ball has wound down.

The weekend is here (almost), so, enjoy.

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