Yearly check-ups, the dogs, not me…

Today are Blondie, Hera and Twix’s annual vet check-ups. We still go to a vet in Calgary, so it’s a bit of a trek that I am used to doing, that’s for sure. It took me a long time to find a vet that I liked so when I moved to Crowsnest Pass, I decided that we would continue going to Calgary for regular vet check-ups and what not. I now have a back-up vet in Pincher Creek as well, in case we have an emergency or something, and they have been great for Hera’s follow-ups after her surgery as well, it’s a 30 minute drive as opposed to 2.5 hours.

I have considered using them as our regular vet as well, but, really, it’s only once a year, typically. I think we’ll stick with going to Calgary. He really helped us out by allowing me to pay over time for Hera’s surgery, a lot of vets wouldn’t. He does seem to care more about the animals in his care than he does about the almighty dollar, it’s a nice change for sure.

Speaking of Hera’s surgery, she is doing quite well. She’s walking more or less normally and is doing basically what she was before her surgery. It is now 3 weeks since the surgery, the fur where it was shaved is still growing back, but I think the vet will be happy with her progress. She’s finished with 2 of 4 of the meds she was on and will be done with them all within a week or so.

We’ll make a stop today at Costco in Okotoks, I will buy some bags of dog food and fill up with gas, might get a few other things as well. We’ll then go for a walk around Shouldice Park where it’s off-leash, Hera needs to be leashed, for 2 reasons – she is still supposed to take it easy and she’s sometimes a little too aggressive with little dogs. It’ll be fun anyway, it’s the park we always used to go to before we moved away from Calgary.

On another front, to do with the dogs, Twix is no longer allowed to go to doggie day care. The reasoning I was given is that they are concerned with her, they think there is something wrong with her back-end, she goes all out at day care and is tired at the end of the day and is sore. The vet has checked her out and hasn’t found anything wrong, other than a touch of arthritis. So, after 3 years, if Twix isn’t welcome back, well, none of my dogs will be back. It’s too bad, but, it is what it is. I will ask the vet to carefully check her out again today, it would be nice to know if Twix is in pain, but I don’t think she is, no whining at all, she’s just slowing down – hell, we all are. Twix will be 9 in February, that is a senior dog. The doggie day care people said they didn’t want to be held responsible if she hurt herself. Well, that makes no sense since I signed a waiver of liability when we first started out, so, something else is up, although I don’t know what. Oh well, their loss, not ours. I guess the dogs won’t get socialization with other dogs for the time being.

Wish us luck today at the vet. I will give an update on Hera tomorrow. Have a great day.

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