Mother Nature is a wet bitch…

My day yesterday started early. I woke up at 3am, didn’t get out of bed until 340am. A little early for my tastes.

Made coffee. Loaded up my umpiring gear and clothes into the trailer. Even though I had plenty of time, I left the house later than I wanted to. I was off at about 640am.

I decided to take highway 3 East to highway 2 and great North to Calgary. It’s a slightly longer route, but it’s mostly flat and straight, as opposed to highway 22 which twists and turns like crazy. The truck was doing well pulling the trailer, obviously my mileage went down, but it wasn’t horrible.

I got to Nanton and stopped to get water so I’d be able to make coffee while camping. At this point, I realized that yes, I packed my spare coffee maker, but had forgotten filters… At this point I also saw the notification that the parks had been closed, so that meant that the 10am and 1pm games I was scheduled for had been cancelled. Well, at least I didn’t need to rush to Calgary.

I decided instead that I’d do some errands. I went to Cross Iron Mills mall, the watch that I purchased before my trip to Ontario had stopped working, I suspected a battery and indeed it was, they replaced the battery for free, it has a one year battery warranty. Nice.

I didn’t spend any other money at the mall, other than at Tim Hortons. I was being good.

I headed over to the RV park that I had booked for the evening, it’s very close to Cross Iron Mills. Even though it was only 1 in the afternoon, I was able to pull in, nice.

I discovered that in addition to forgetting the coffee filters, I also forgot a hose to connect the trailer to the water supply. Oh well, no water, but they have bathroom facilities. I got the trailer setup, very easy. Had a quick nap and was woken by the phone, was offered a game at 4pm. I decided to take it.

I was umpiring on the plate for a tier 2 game. It was generally not a will played game. It was a long game as well, almost 3 hours by the time it was finished. Oh well, got my first game in anyway.

Games today were lost, bad field conditions, again. I could have picked up a 4pm game again but decided against it, hell, another round trip to Optimist Park would be another 100km nearly. Maybe it’s closer to 80, bit still. So I’m in the trailer, listening to rain and watching a rather boring Bills game.

Other than the rain, forgotten items and lack of umpiring, it wasn’t a bad weekend. I think…

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