Umpiring and Camping…

Fall Ball starts today, well, weather permitting. They were calling for showers overnight, I am unsure how much it rained in Calgary. We got a little bit down here, but, we are 2 hours south-west of Calgary, so, who knows? The park needs some work, water tends to pool around home plate and that alone washes out a number of games. The City of Calgary seems either unwilling or unable to fix this relatively minor issue.

I umpire at both 10am and 1pm. If the park is closed this morning, it will be closed until at least after the 1pm game, if it re-opens at all. I won’t know if the park is closed until I will be half way (or so) to Calgary. So, I might get there and the games may be cancelled. I am hoping this doesn’t happen. I am really looking forward to baseball again.

I am taking my trailer with me today. I will be camping just north of Calgary, near Cross Iron Mills mall. This will be my first camping trip with my new (to me) trailer, so I am looking forward to that as well, even if there is rain. I am staying for 2 nights, coming back Monday morning. The dogs are safely with friends who are looking after them. I will be leaving the trailer in a storage area in the south of the city. It’s far cheaper to leave the trailer there than to tow it back and forth.

So, here’s to hoping that the weather isn’t quite as bad as the forecast says. Weather changes quickly in Alberta, so I am hoping that’s the case.

Enjoy your weekend.

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