Summer is holding on…

We are having a nice dose of late summer weather here in SW Alberta. The weekend was gorgeous, temps were in the low 20’s all weekend, almost unheard of for this time of year. This week is supposed to be very nice as well, I think it’s supposed to be 23 or 24 (that’s Celsius, not Fahrenheit). The warm weather continues all week, cooling off to 19C for a high on Sunday – I can take that, in fact, I can take that all year round.

I wanted to head to the lake with the dogs yesterday, but Hera is not supposed to get her leg wet while she has her stitches in. So, no lake trip, just a slow walk. She gets her stitches out on Wednesday afternoon. I won’t be bringing Blondie and Twix this time around though, it is supposed to be 26/27C on Wednesday, so, far too warm to leave them in the car for sure.

I need to go and change the ownership of the trailer over to my name today or tomorrow. I am bringing it up to Calgary with me on Saturday so I can stay in it on Saturday night. I have rented a spot to park it in South-East Calgary, $50 a month. I will use it until I am done umpiring Fall Ball and then bring it back home and store it at a friends property for the winter. I am looking forward to Fall Ball, it should be a good time.

I am making some headway on my new career path, should find out more today. I met with both Community Futures and my real estate guy last week. Hopefully something does materialize along these lines, would be great. If not, I have a few backup plans.

Well, after the holiday yesterday (Labour Day), it’s the start of a new week. Have a good one.

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