Labour Day Weekend

It’s Labour Day Weekend, the unofficial end to summer. I live in SW Alberta, in the mountains of the Crowsnest Pass, summer sort of ends in the middle of August when we begin our sometimes short Autumn season. The Labour Day Weekend is often quite cold and we also often have snow at ground level.

This LDW, the weather has been gorgeous. Friday and Saturday, the highs were in the low to mid 20s, which is awesome for this time of year. Last night it didn’t even get that cool out, it’s a balmy 16C right now, pretty good.

The dogs and I went to our old walking place down by Emerald Lake in Sentinel on Friday. Hera was on leash and we took it slow. So slow in fact that Blondie and Twix came back a couple of times to see what was keeping us. We didn’t walk too far, maybe a kilometer in total, but Hera was limping when we got home, so it was obviously too much for her. We took yesterday off, no walk at all, we will go back out today, he limp is gone now, thankfully. I guess I will need to slow the pace down even more and perhaps make it a shorter walk. She is getting stronger though, using her back leg more and more. She goes back to the vet on Wednesday to have her stitches removed. Progress, for sure.

Yesterday, I had a bonfire in my relatively new chimenea. It was a perfect night for it, still warm with a bit of a breeze which kept the fire going. The dogs and I sat out until about 1030, listening to music and me drinking a Mike’s Hard Lime, not a bad Saturday evening for sure.

Today, as I mentioned, we’ll got for another short hike. Hera will need to be on a leash for a while still, another month anyway. She doesn’t really mind, which is great, she’s a great dog. She’s still wearing her cone at night and will do so until she gets her stitches out. She reluctantly wears it and is very happy when I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is remove the cone.

Enjoy your Labour Day Weekend and hopefully a day off of work tomorrow.

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