Hera, a new business and umpiring…

This past Wednesday was a week since Hera’s surgery, so we had a follow-up appointment with the vet. We didn’t go to Calgary to my regular vet, instead, we went to Pincher Creek to a newly opened clinic, Peak Veterinary Hospital and met with the owner who looked over Hera’s stitches and removed her bandages. Hera is progressing very well which is great news. She was cleared to go for on-leash walks to help to strengthen the leg. All is well on the road to recovery.

Hera will have her stitches removed next Wednesday, again, at Peak. My vet up in Calgary sent Peak all of the dogs medical records, I plan on using them as my back-up vet. It’s not a bad drive to Calgary, just over 2 hours, but if I have some sort of emergency, I can get to Pincher Creek in just over 30 minutes. The vet met Blondie and Twix as well and all of the dogs liked her, in fact, Hera even gave her a kiss which is rare for Hera to do, maybe she’s turning into a softy as she gets older.

So, I am hoping to take the dogs for 2 walks a day to help Hera strengthen up. I am sure I won’t get any complaints from the dogs in doing that. It’s good for me as well.

I am meeting today with my realtor/friend to discuss the business that I am looking to buy here in the Pass. I had a phone meeting with Community Futures and they gave me a lot of information. There’s some work to do, so this is sort of step two, I hope it goes well.

Umpiring starts next weekend and I am looking forward to it. I have scheduled myself for 18 games leading up to the first week of October. I have 4 games every weekend for 4 and then I took two Wednesday night games as well. I plan on doing some playoffs and Fall Ball should wrap up by the middle of October. Now, we just need to have decent weather. I plan on using the umpiring money to head back to Ontario for a week at the end of October. I didn’t see some people that I would have liked to have when I was there in August and didn’t see some people as much as I would have liked. The flights are still insanely cheap, $222 return, so I want to take advantage of that for sure, they will go back to “regular” prices, sooner or later.

Well, the weekend is here, or just about anyway. Enjoy your weekend.

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