A reunion and Fall Ball

Yesterday morning, I went and picked up Blondie and Twix. They were very happy to see me, and I was happy to see them as well. They had a good time but Twix was a bit stressed without Hera for a day or two, she destroyed a blanket, which is very rare for her. I guess she missed Hera more than Hera apparently missed her.

We got home, I went inside to take Hera’s cone off and Hera made it difficult since she was pushing, trying to get outside to see her sisters, her tail was going like crazy. She was VERY happy to see them and they were very happy to see her. Both Blondie and Twix examined Hera’s leg, sniffed it a couple of time and they danced about a bit, although I kept telling Hera to calm down – she was good, she didn’t follow Twix off when she ran into the upper yard.

Hera has still been eating all of her food, so that’s great, she’s been getting all of her doses of medicine. She and I will be visiting Peak Veterinary Hospital this afternoon in Pincher Creek for a follow-up appointment. It was good that our normal vet, in Calgary, supported us going to another vet to have this quick check-up. It means a 30 minute drive as opposed to 2.5 hours. We have another appointment next week and Hera will have her stitches removed. She seems to be on the mend, which is great.

Blondie and Twix might not like me going out with just Hera, but, it’ll be easier than bringing those two as well and then having to leave them in the car.

Fall Ball for Babe Ruth is right around the corner. I have signed up for all of my games for the Fall season, I get back onto the field on September 11 for a double-header on the Saturday and another on the Sunday. I am looking forward to it. I will be bringing my trailer to Calgary and storing it there. Storing it will save me a boatload of cash over hauling it back and forth.

It’s hump day, the weekend is almost here for those who care when it’s the weekend. Have a good one.

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