The dogs, umpiring and Fall…

Hera finally ate dog food for the first time since her surgery last week today. I didn’t even know she had gone into the mud room and eaten until I came up from downstairs and saw her bowl was empty. That’s great news for me, I was getting a little worried, although she was eating biscuits and human food and drinking lots of water.

Tomorrow morning, I am picking up Blondie and Twix from boarding. I have really enjoyed spending some one on one time with Hera this past week, I wish it could have been for reasons other than having surgery. I don’t think Hera really misses her sisters, I think she’d be perfectly happy being an only dog. When she’s wanted attention, she’s gotten it for as long as she wanted it and no un-named blonde dog barged her way in to get her own attention.

I am pretty sure that Blondie and Twix have missed Hera and will be very happy to be home tomorrow. I am going to leave Hera at home while I go to pick them up, I think it will be easier to manage a reunion here, as opposed to in the car. I think I will stop for ice cream for Blondie and Twix to make up for the ice cream that Hera got yesterday, we’ll do that on the way home.

Hera is doing well. Her stitches look good, no swelling at all, no redness. She goes into the vet on Wednesday for her one week checkup. We aren’t going all the way to Calgary, we are heading to Pincher Creek to our “backup” vet, Peak Veterinary Hospital. She then goes a week Wednesday to have the stitches removed, again, back at Peak. In the middle of the month, all of us head to Calgary for their annual check-ups.

I am back to umpiring for the Fall Ball season, starting on Saturday, September 11. I am looking forward to getting back on the field and hope that we have good weather for Fall Ball which runs until Thanksgiving or so, weather dependent. I will be using the trailer for sleeping overnight. I am also going to store the trailer in Calgary so I am not dragging it back and forth to the Pass, it will save me on gas money – a month of storage is only $60 and I am pretty sure I’d spend more than that on a round trip. I will be doing 2 double-headers for Fall Ball and the temps will be far better than some games this past summer, that’s for sure.

So, Fall is looking good. I am looking forward to it.

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