Got myself a trailer…

I’ve been looking on Facebook Marketplace for the last few months for a trailer. I didn’t want anything too big, something I could pull with my truck, easily. I also didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

I saw an ad a few weeks ago for an older trailer, fully renovated though. I decided I’d go and look at it, it was about an hour away. So, off I went.

The couple selling it were great people and they spent quite a bit of time showing me everything the trailer had to offer.

When they originally posted the ad, they were asking $6000 for the trailer, after a week they lowered it to $5500. I negotiated with them and got it for $5000. I was happy with that amount. I went to pick up the trailer on Friday evening.

They went over the furnace, fridge and AC and various features. I didn’t have the correct ball size on my hitch, so he towed it to Pincher Creek for me so I could get the correct ball size at Walmart. Job done, I connected to my truck and headed the 50km home. One thing is for sure, my fuel economy will drop towing my trailer, but that’s ok, it was expected.

My main purpose for the trailer is for a place to stay when I’m umpiring in Calgary. It’s going to save me $70-$100 a night in hotel charges. I’m thinking about finding a place in Calgary to store it, shouldn’t cost me any more than $50 or so a month, that’ll save me $$$ towing it back and forth. I will do some camping in it as well, but camping with 3 dogs will be tough.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the adventures in sure you have.

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