A job, a BBQ and an update on Hera…

I received an email via LinkedIn from a headhunter looking for a candidate for a position very similar to what I was doing at BDO. It’s a 1 year contract position with IBM. It’s also a remote job, which means I can work from home. The job description looks pretty darn good, so I decided to reply to the email and see where it goes. Working from home is awesome. I know a lot of people have been doing that for the past 12-18 months and some don’t like it, but I worked from home for 6+ years and I love it. We’ll see, can’t hurt asking for additional information at any rate. I have a friend in Ontario who’s worked for IBM for more than 20 years now, so I presume it can’t be too bad.

I got my new Weber BBQ setup and I did my first cook on it yesterday. It has far better even heat than my old one has, that’s for sure. I will admit, I didn’t assemble it myself. I have little patience for such things. The guy who cuts my grass (yes, I have someone who does yardwork for me, I also hate yardwork) assembled it for me. Anyway, it cooked my steak very well, I will need to watch the heat it produces for sure, I could easily burn things. Thus far, I am very happy that I picked it up. I am selling the old BBQ, which is just a year old. It’s in really good shape, so I hope it goes fairly quickly.

I will be dropping Blondie and Twix off at boarding today, sometime this afternoon. Hera will probably wonder where her sisters have gone, but, if any of my dogs will enjoy being an “only” dog, it will be Hera. I think she’ll love it. Now, I am fully hoping that she won’t need to have surgery, but that will be determined tomorrow. My Vet has made me feel comfortable with the specialist that will be examining her tomorrow and if surgery is required, will be performing it. I am heading out tomorrow at 5:30am to get to the clinic for 8am. I should know what’s going on by 9/930am. Hera will be sedated and will have her knee x-rayed. They will be able to determine what’s going on based on the x-ray. If she doesn’t need surgery, we will be able to go home after she comes out of the anesthesia, so likely by noon. If she has surgery, it will be around 5pm. Regardless, Blondie and Twix will be in boarding at least until Thursday morning, or if surgery is needed, for 10-14 days, depending on how Hera’s recovery goes.

I am hoping it was just a strain and surgery isn’t needed, but I will do whatever is best for Hera. Give her some positive thoughts if you would. We appreciate it.

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