That was a good Sunday…

I went kayaking yesterday morning with my across-the-street neighbour. We went to Island Lake as Crowsnest Lake was a bit rough, I wasn’t sure I was quite ready for kayaking in white-capped water as yet. I have to say, I really like my new (to me) kayak. It isn’t quite as long as the one that I had borrowed the last time I went out, so it didn’t seem quite as stable to begin with, but I quickly got used to it.

The winds were rough, coming out of the West, kayaking in that direction required a little extra effort for sure. You also quickly discover the currents on a lake that doesn’t look like it has any currents, at all.

We were out for about an hour, the sun was behind thick clouds and it got rather cold with the wind, so we decided to call it a day. It was my companions first try at kayaking and she loved it. All in all, a good morning to be sure.

We returned the borrowed kayak and headed home. My original plan was to take my dogs back to the same lake so they could go for a swim while summer still held on, sort of anyway. Shortly after I got home it started to rain though, and although I was planning on going to a lake where the dogs would undoubtedly get wet, “rain wet” is different, I can’t even get them to go outside when it’s raining. So, we watched baseball instead. Well, I watched baseball and they napped. It’s a pretty good life for them, I think.

I also went out last night to the Twin Butte General Store which has an amazing Mexican restaurant in it. I had Mexican lasagna, which is basically layers of tortilla shells with refried beans, Mexican rice, salsa, cheese and chicken, all baked with cheese on the top, absolutely amazing meal. If you leave hungry, it’s your own fault because the portions are huge.

So, all in all, it was a pretty good Sunday. I hope you enjoyed yours.

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