Cleaning day and a wet Saturday…

Yesterday was cleaning day in the house. Now, don’t get confused, I don’t clean, it means my cleaning lady comes in to clean. I do end up doing stuff around the house at the same time, but I hate cleaning bathrooms, dusting and washing floors. Apparently, by the amount of dog hair that was on the floor, I hate vacuuming as well. LOL

After the cleaning was done, we went for a late lunch to Chris’ Restaurant. I had chicken strips and fries. When they arrived, they weren’t chicken strips, they were chicken hands. Literally, they were a half chicken breast and there were 5 of them, plus a massive plate of fries. I could not eat them all, I ate 2 and about 2/3 of the fries. The left over chicken hands were great at lunch today.

I caught my first football game today, the Bills were playing in Chicago against the Bears. Although it’s only pre-season, I have missed football and the Bills creamed the Bears, demolished is more like it, the final was 41-15. I am now watching the Astros and they are killing the Mariners 11-0 in the 5th inning. It’s odd, they couldn’t buy themselves a run when they played a 4 game series in Kansas City.

Not much else going on today – I am making dinner for the neighbour across the street. Texas Twinkies are on the menu, that’s a cream cheese stuffed jalapeno pepper, inside a chicken breast, all wrapped in bacon. Amazing. We’ll have a Caesar salad with that. It’ll be good for sure. We were supposed to go kayaking this morning, but we had another day of rain. We are hoping tomorrow will be better weather. I hope that the fires in BC are being knocked down by this rain.

So, tomorrow, kayaking, weather permitting and I am going for Mexican food for dinner. I had Mexican lasagna the last time and it was excellent. I might have it again, but there are so many good choices, I may have to try something else.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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