I have been corresponding with my vet regularly regarding Hera’s knee injury. She hurt herself about 2 months ago now. Her limp is nearly gone, unless she is doing something really strenuous or playing hard with other dogs (at doggie day care for example). In my mind, and perhaps I am being oddly optimistic, I don’t think she’s torn the ligament in her knee, but rather it is/was a bad strain.

At any rate, Hera will be going to Calgary this coming Wednesday to have the specialist take a look at her. She will be sedated and they will do x-rays of her knee to determine what is happening.

I have been going to this particular vet now since I got Hera, just over 6 years ago. It took me a bit to find a vet that I liked in Calgary. The previous clinic I went to was an emergency clinic and they were open 24/7 so to see the same vet each time, I might have to go in the middle of the night. After Zeus passed away and I wasn’t impressed with how they handled that, I decided it was time to find a new vet. When I adopted Hera, the Calgary Humane Society gave a list of local vets who offered the first visit free. Glamorgan Animal Clinic was close to where I was living at the time and I liked Dr. Kevin immediately. We continued to go there when we moved about in Calgary and when I moved down to Crowsnest Pass, I was going to get a local vet but I figured, typically, it’s once a year (for check-ups) and I can just continue to go to Calgary, we’ve done that for the past three years.

At any rate, I trust Dr. Kevin, he honestly seems to have the dogs best interest at heart, not lining his own pockets with my money. I don’t know this specialist that we are seeing and I don’t know what he’s about. I honestly don’t know where his best interests lie. If Hera needs surgery, it is going to cost me about $3500. I don’t care about the cost IF she indeed does need surgery, but I want to ensure that it is needed to help her. When she isn’t showing any symptoms and a vet who hasn’t examined her is “convinced” that she needs this surgery, something smells fishy to me.

So, I will head to Calgary on Wednesday morning with my friend who is coming along so that in the event that Hera does have surgery, she will have someone for the trip home to keep her calm. I hope all goes well and it is determined that Hera just has a strain, but we will see on Wednesday. Wish us luck, if you would. 🙂

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