Still enjoying my down-time…

The rain ended late on Monday night or early Tuesday morning. We needed it. It has been rather dry around here, for sure. BC needed it more, I am unsure how much rain the fire areas received but I hope it was as much as we got. There is now snow in the upper mountains. I was surprised when I saw that, but then again, it was down to 5C the other night so in the higher elevations, it would have been below zero. It is 3C right now, perfect temperatures for sleeping, that’s for sure.

Yesterday I did some running around. I had asked that the dogs go to doggie day day, but I never received a response from the people who run the day care. I think, and could be wrong, that they are busier than they can handle. A good problem to have, I suppose, as long as they don’t lose clients over it. I wish them well at any rate.

I went and looked at a camping trailer in Hill Spring, Alberta, about an hour from here. It’s an older trailer, but the inside has been totally renovated. My thought process is that if I use that next summer when I am umpiring, it will save me getting a hotel room, it will pay for itself in one season, never mind any camping I might do in it. I have to ensure that I will have a place to store it in the winter. They are asking $5500 for it, I think I can trim that down to $4500-$4800 or so. I think it’s a good investment anyway. Everything works well in it, so that’s a bonus. It needs some minor work on the outside which I can get done, but it is in drive-away condition for sure.

I am going to look at another trailer tonight, slightly older and not renovated. It will definitely need work. I do have a friend who lives in the area that should be able to take care of any fix-ups that I need. I am in absolutely no rush though, so, if these don’t work out, there will be others along the way.

I also stopped for lunch at Boston Pizza, used some of the gift cards that I received for my birthday. Although I told people it was “best wishes only”, some people decided that was only a suggestion and got me gifts anyway – thank you all. Lunch was great, a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and tomatoes and fries. I stopped at Walmart for some light shopping as well and headed home. The dogs were still there, so I am guessing they did not get picked up for doggie day care.

I got some good news from my vet. He agrees with me that Hera may not need surgery so we are postponing next weeks surgery to allow her more time to recover, he is also thinking it may have been a bad sprain. The specialist may still want to see her, we are trying to figure that out now. She has not been limping at all unless she is really active, so, to me anyway, that’s a good sign. I trust my vet and his recommendation, I am unsure about the specialist, who knows, he may be trying to line his pockets with my money. I will trust what my vet has to say. I hope Hera doesn’t need to go through surgery at any rate.

Nothing else much going on. I sort of like it that way.

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