A rain day, much needed…

I’m catching up this morning on some baseball that I’ve missed. The Field of Dreams game was played on Thursday, August 12 and I was umpiring the Tier 2 Championship for Babe Ruth, so I missed it. I’m not even 100% sure who won the game, so it’s new to me. The Field is amazing, as is the story.

Today will be a sort of relaxing day, we are getting much needed rain. I hope that BC gets rain as well, the fires there are insane. I’m hoping everyone stays safe from the fires that are burning all over the province. The smoke here has been bad and we are nowhere near any of the fires. I can’t image how bad it is where they are burning.

Last night I ordered pizza and wings from The Pass Beer Company in Blairmore. The pizza has a thin crust and is wood fired, absolutely amazing. Finally, a restaurant in Alberta who knows how to make good pizza. I’ve tried many pizzas from many different places and it’s just not good, it’s one of the only things I don’t like about living in Alberta. But, I have rescued by this excellent restaurant.

Nothing else much happening today, maybe a quick roadtrip to Sparwood to pick up something from Facebook Marketplace. Speaking of Facebook, I’ve closed my account of 14 years, deleted it actually and opened a fresh account. I kept getting suspended for, what Facebook considers violations of their community standards. Someone posted an idiotic comment on something I was reading and calling them an idiot isn’t allowed. Another time, a friend in Mauritius who’s involved with dog rescue posted the saddest picture of a dog being abandoned by their owners (they are driving away), I commented that anyone who abandons a dog like that should be shot, that, apparently, is promoting violence. Sure.

Anyway, I need to try to be a good boy now. It’s tough, in this Liberal, cancel culture, everyone’s offended by everything world we seem to live in. I’ll try…

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