Tier 2 Babe Ruth Championship Game

I was asked to umpire in the Tier 2 Babe Ruth Championship in Calgary on Thursday and Friday, if needed. Although it would mean putting the dogs back in boarding for a few days, and going back to Calgary for a few days, I accepted.

So, Thursday morning, I dropped the dogs off at Crowsnest Pet Care and headed to Calgary. I checked into my hotel shortly after 3 and had a nap before the 7 o’clock game. I was on the bases for the game. My partner was a bit late, we started at 715pm.

Both teams scored runs in the first, then the offensive production dried up for a bit. This is a double knockout tournament, so the visitors had to win Thursday and then again Friday to claim the Championship.

They won easily in Thursday night, clobbering the previously undefeated first place team forcing a winner take all Championship game on Friday night where I would be behind the plate.

On Friday, I met a friend from Coleman for breakfast in Cochrane. She was there on fire watch duty. We went to Smitty’s, it was great to catch up. I headed out to do some shopping, stopped by to check into some truck accessories, bought Weather Tech mats for the front, passed on the back mats, thus far I’ve never had passengers back there, other than the 4-legged variety. I went to Cross Iron Mills mall just north of Calgary. I helped the economy, shall we say.

Back to the hotel and another pregame nap. I got to the ball park just before 630pm for a 7pm start. It was a hot night, 34C at the start of the game.

The visitors opened the scoring early and often building up a good lead while there defense played sharp ball. The final was 11-6 for the underdogs, they completed their 2 game win for the Tier 2 championship. I thought it was a great game, my partner felt it was slow.

At any rate, that wraps up the summer season. It was a good summer of umpiring and I’m very glad I came back to it. Fall Ball is next, starts in a few weeks.

I’ll be heading home after breakfast today. I’m picking up my recently purchased kayak from friends, they’ve been storing it in their yard since before I went to Ontario. I’ll get home, unload the truck and then go and get my dogs, it’ll be a happy reunion, I’m sure.

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