Back in Alberta

My flight back to Alberta was uneventful. I suppose this is the way that we want all flights to be, isn’t it? We did hit some rough turbulence here and there but what can ya do? I watched two movies, The Shawshank Redemption, which I have seen numerous times and then The Truman Show. It killed the time quite well. The second movie ended just before we landed.

The plane was 45 minutes late leaving, so, of course, we were late arriving – that’s becoming a regular thing when I am flying it seems. I picked up my bag and contacted the place where my truck was parked to pick me up.

Retrieval of the truck was super-easy. It was ready and waiting for me when the shuttle got back to the lot. I headed for the hotel. I didn’t figure I would want to drive all the way home on Tuesday, so I booked the hotel that I have been using all summer while umpiring. I was able to check-in early and had a nap. Dinner was Denny’s and I went to bed at 10pm, intending on getting an early start Wednesday morning.

Well, I didn’t wake up until after 7am. I slept better and longer than I had in a LONG time. I had breakfast and headed out. I stopped at Costco in Okotoks for gas and thought that I would go in to get a vacuum sealer. Not only did I get that, but I spent nearly a thousand dollars in total. I purchased a Weber BBQ, I have always wanted a Weber. I will sell the BBQ that I currently have.

I headed home and went to get the dog – wow, were they ever happy to see me and I was equally happy to see them. I went to a new Chinese food place in town last night with a friend/neighbour – the food was beyond excellent. I will be back and often.

Today, rather tonight, I will be umpiring the Tier 2 Championship game for Babe Ruth in Calgary. It is a double-knockout tournament style, so if the unbeaten team loses, it goes to sudden death tomorrow and I am umpiring that game as well. Should be a good time for sure.

After that, I will be done umpiring until Fall Ball starts up in a few weeks. I am looking forward to some down time at the end of summer, time at the lake with the dogs and some evenings by the fire-pit. Sounds good to me.

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