My trip to Ontario…

I’m currently sitting in the airport, I’ve returned my rental truck, checked my bags in, passed through security, gotten a vanilla latte and thought, I should blog about my trip to Ontario.

It’s been a pretty busy 6 days.

I stayed in Calgary at the end of July to umpire a total of 5 games. One on Saturday morning for Babe Ruth and 2 more Saturday and 2 on Sunday for Baseball Alberta. The Saturday morning game was quite good, really well played. I then was able to check into my hotel early and take a break before driving East of Calgary for the 3pm and 6pm games. Those games were AA 18u. I figured it would be decent ball, I was wrong. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t as competitive as I figured it would be. I got back to the hotel by 9pm and ordered a pizza in. Sunday morning, I took advantage of the buffet breakfast at the hotel. Sunday, I drove down to Okotoks to umpire 2 15u AA games. The quality of ball was worse than the night before, however, the players seemed to enjoy themselves, so that’s what really matters.

Back to the hotel, cleaned myself up, it was a very hot and dusty day. I had a quiet evening, went to Denny’s for dinner.

I had an early start on Monday, per usual. No breakfast as it was a holiday, so the hotel restaurant was closed. I did some shopping. Bought a life jacket, a waterproof box for when I kayak and a replacement watch for the one that recently died. I also purchased myself a retro Astros jersey, #34, Nolan Ryan. It was a fairly expensive purchase, so, I said that the dogs bought it for me for my 50th birthday, even though I have no one to justify purchases to. Dinner was Denny’s, again, 3 meals in a row.

Tuesday was a relaxing morning. I stayed in bed and don’t check out of the hotel until just before noon. I killed time in the afternoon, I wasn’t meeting friends for dinner until 6. We had dinner at a new BBQ place in Calgary, it was great. They surprised me by buying me my dinner for my birthday. Thanks 🙂

I dropped off the truck at 9pm and they drove me to the airport. Check-in and security was a breeze. The flight to Toronto was delayed by 40 some minutes for whatever reason, but was otherwise uneventful. We landed late in Toronto, but that happens. I didn’t sleep much, just over an hour or so.

I had reserved a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited from Alamo. I got there just about 7am and provided my credit card and what not. When I went out to get my vehicle, the guy was sorry, but they didn’t have my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. I thought I was in the Seinfeld episode, “you know how to take the reservation, you don’t know how to hold the reservation”… I was offered a Rav 4. That’s a midsize SUV, so I asked if he’d be refunding me about $30 per day… I asked for a full size pick-up truck and got a Chevy Silverado. Not a bad truck, not as nice as mine at home though.

I made it to my aunt’s place by shortly after 8am. We headed out for our day at the Toronto Zoo. I was pushing her in her wheelchair, it was quite the workout. We stayed for about 3 hours, it was quite hot with humidity. We had an excellent dinner at Milestones. I slept well that night after not much sleep the night before. In the morning, I had a sandwich from Chick-fil-A, it was amazing. We walked to Hy’s Steakhouse for lunch, me pushing her wheelchair again. I left for Burlington around 4pm.

I met a former boss and her husband for dinner at The Keg. We had a great visit and excellent food. I stayed at the Motel 6 in Burlington with one of the softest beds I’ve ever slept on. Friday morning I met a friend at The Lancer in St. Catharines. The food was not very good unfortunately. The eggs were just weird, not sure what was up with them.

Lunch was with another friend (who knew I had so many?) and the pizza was excellent. I then headed to Kitchener to meet another former coworker, his wife and daughter. The meal at the smokehouse was great. I headed to St. Catharines with a pitstop in Stoney Creek at Costco.

Early Saturday, we all went out for a walk with my brother in law’s dogs. By 630am, it was already crazy hot and humid, I don’t miss that living in Alberta. I met a friend for breakfast at what we call The Greasy Spoon, actually Golden Grill, one of the best breakfasts around. I headed towards Peterborough to see a friend that I haven’t seen in 10 years or so. We had fun catching up. Saturday evening was spent at a friend’s place that I met in grade 7. She’s an excellent cool and Baker and the food was out of this world great. I didn’t get back to my brother in law’s place until after 2am.

I was taken back to the Greasy Spoon for my birthday on Sunday, another great breakfast. I did some running around, including getting stuff for my party. I was able to catch a nap before guests arrived.

My party was a success for sure. Had 20 people there, or so, everyone seemed to have a good time. I did as well, although I drank a bottle of ammerreto. I mixed it with OJ, so it was healthy. My last guest left around 10pm. I hit bed and immediately fell asleep (or passed out perhaps) and slept until 5. I got up and spent some time with my brother in law until he left for work at 6am. I went back to bed from 6am-9am and slept like the dead. I felt like a new person when I awoke up.

I headed for Oshawa for my last Ontario meal with a friend and former coworker, Red Lobster and Endless Shrimp was on the menu. We had a good tim catching up. I didn’t sleep well last night, unfortunately, and I’m drowsing off here while writing this. I’m now waiting until 930 when I can board my flight. My rental truck has been returned and all is well.

I’m hoping for an uneventful flight home. I’m staying in Calgary tonight, I knew I’d be tired so I booked a hotel.

It was a whirlwind trip, zoomed by. Always nice to visit, better when you go home maybe…

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