Another couple of trips and more umpiring…

I got a call around noon on Friday from Costco Optical that my new sunglasses had arrived. I decided that I would pick them up on Friday as opposed to waiting until Tuesday and going all the way from Calgary to Lethbridge and back to get them. I made sure it was ok to drop the dogs off earlier than planned and it was. I’ll miss Blondie, Hera and Twix for the next 10 days for sure, but they’ll have a great time.

The drive to Lethbridge was uneventful. It took 1:20 to get to Lethbridge and then the final 3.9 kilometers took 42 minutes. Mayor McGrath Drive was insane and the lights along the way were so unsynchronized it was pure madness. The lineup for gas was at least 10 cars deep, so I didn’t fill up, not worth my time. I got my sunglasses, they are great and it was so nice not having scratches to look through. I had dinner with the neighbours and did last minute things for my trip on Friday evening.

Was up bright and early Saturday and left for Calgary at 650am. I umpired a great Babe Ruth game at 10. It was over at the time limit at 1230. I headed for my hotel and was able to check in early. It was nice being able to relax for a bit with my feet up.

I headed East of Calgary to a little town for my 18u double header. The weather was hot for Alberta, very hazy with lots of smoke in the sky. My plate game was good, surprisingly, I didn’t even get hit by any foul balls, a nice change. The second half of the double header was a quick, 1:45 game that ended in the mercy rule.

It was 35 minutes back to the hotel. I ordered a Domino’s pizza and it was delivered quickly, I tipped the driver well.

My schedule for today has been changed about 4 times, I’m now heading to Okotoks to umpire 15u ball at 9am and noon. Should be a good day.

Monday and Tuesday will be relaxing before I head to Ontario. Nothing really planned except dinner with friends Tuesday evening. I’m looking forward to that and my trip, of course.

Have a great Sunday.

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