One week until the return to my homeland…

Just another week until my trip back to Ontario. I am greatly looking forward to it. Nothing much planned for this week. It is supposed to be warm, temps in the upper 20s, so I think the dogs and I will visit the lake a few times. I will enjoy the extra time with them as I won’t see them for 10 days or so when I am away. I know they will be well looked after though, so that’s good.

I drop them off on Friday evening. I umpire a double-header on Saturday for Baseball Alberta, which got changed over-night last night. I am now umpiring at 3pm in Strathmore, Alberta. Definitely, a bit out of the way for me, for sure. I umpire at 3pm and 6pm, so the evening game will be cooler anyway. I will have to see if I can check into my hotel before I leave for the first game, but it is doubtful I can check in by 1pm, we’ll see.

I am umpiring 18u on Saturday and 15u on Sunday. I have partners for both games anyway, so that’s good. I think next season I will likely stick with Babe Ruth baseball games. I know where the parks are and the pay is a bit better. I am also very familiar with the league.

I would like to try to do another World Series next year, if I can. I will have to see how things are then. It would be cool anyway.

So, back to this week. It’s an early start today, woke up just after 3am. As I said, not much planned, nothing really. At some point, I will have to go to Lethbridge to Costco to pick up my new prescription sunglasses. The ones that I have been using are getting old, are really scratched and the prescription is old – I don’t really think they are at all good for my eyes any more. At some point, I would like to send them to Oakley to get a new prescription put into them. They are the only ones who will do it.

Well, enjoy your week, I know I will enjoy mine. Gotta get stuff ready to travel back to Ontario. I have decided I will pay to check a bag at the airport for my trip. It’s going to be easier than trying to jam everything into a weekend bag. It will also give me some room in case I buy anything in Ontario and I always seem to buy something.

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