A little down time…

It’s been a quiet and relaxing week. I’ve spent time with the dogs, going to the lake, and have enjoyed some real down time.

For the first weekend this summer, I have nothing going on. I was going to umpire, as per usual, but no one was available to either look after my dogs nor let them out. I feel bad that I can’t help out with any games, but I’m not willing to leave the dogs for 10 or 11 hours and go to Calgary to umpire a double header. Going for a single game makes no sense either, I’d spend more in gas than I’d receive in a game fee.

So, today, we’ll go to the lake again. Nothing else planned, although I may go for breakfast.

This coming week will likely zoom by. Nothing really planned though. Friday, I will drop the dogs off at boarding and they’ll stay there until August 11. Saturday, I head to Calgary to umpire two double headers for Baseball Alberta. I’m umpiring 13u and 15u, should be fun.

I’m staying in Calgary until I fly out to Toronto on late Tuesday night. I’m taking the Red Eye to Toronto. I arrive just before 6am on Wednesday morning and have a rental vehicle to pick up. It’s going to be a busy and fun 6 days in Ontario. I’ll see some friends that I haven’t seen for 10+ years and others that I saw just 2 years ago on my last trip back to my home province.

I’ll be driving all over the place. From Peterborough to Kitchener to St. Catharines and points in between. My schedule is jam-packed. I’m really looking forward to my trip.

Well, it’s the weekend, hopefully you’ll enjoy yiurs, I’m sure I’ll enjoy mine.

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