A slow few days, a welcome change

I’ve had a slow few days, which is good. June and July have been relatively busy, relatively busy for a guy who’s not working that is. So, a couple of more down days is welcome. I have no umpiring this weekend either.

I was going to umpire 2 games on Saturday, but no one is available to look after my dogs at all. The people where they normally board are full. Crowsnest Pet Care is taking some well needed downtime and are going on vacation with their families. My neighbour is on vacation so she can’t let them out for me and my other neighbour is also away. If I was to umpire on Saturday, I would need to leave at 7am and would not get home until 6pm or so, this would be for a double-header. There is no way I want to leave the dogs for 11 hours. They’d be OK, other than a bathroom break, or two. So, I will skip umpiring this weekend.

I hope that the weather is nice, I will take the dogs down to the lake on the weekend. I am trying to get Blondie to actually swim. She is currently the world’s only non-swimming Lab. When she was a puppy, we were in Ontario and I didn’t want to take her to Lake Ontario as should would have grown a second and third head. When we got to Alberta, we’d go down to the Bow River but the current freaked her out so I think she developed some sort of fear of water.

We have plenty of lakes here that are great, no current and not overly deep. Island Lake, which is about 10km to the West of where we are is awesome. You can walk right in, steps away from the parking lot, it’s not deep so it warms up in the summer and there is absolutely no current. Wish me luck anyway, Blondie doesn’t take well to “new” things.

Today they head to doggie day care for the day to socialize with their dog friends. They have a great time and come home exhausted. It’s my day to run around, I have not decided what running around I need to do. I typically go to Lethbridge to Costco, but I don’t think I need anything. I am sure I will find something to do.

Enjoy your day.

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