A great Friday and a busy weekend to come…

Today was a great day. I didn’t wake up until 4:50am. I know that most of you would think that’s pretty early, but for me, that’s sleeping in. Since I don’t have my dogs until Sunday evening, I didn’t have to get up and tend to them, so I stayed in bed until after 6:30. Pretty lazy. Pretty relaxing.

I had coffee with my across the street neighbour and we caught up. It was nice and cool outside, perfect for coffee and a hoodie.

I headed to Crowsnest Lake around 8:30, my friend and I were going kayaking. Two and a half hours later, we finished up, my shoulders and arms are sore, I have not kayaked in a LONG time and I was not used to it. It was a lot of fun though and I think I am going to buy myself a kayak at the end of the season.

I had a great nap in the afternoon, napped almost as long as I kayaked. Dinner tonight with a friend at an amazing Mexican place in Twin Butte, Alberta. Absolutely fantastic food.

I head to Calgary tomorrow for umpiring. I was supposed to do a double-header tomorrow but I picked up a 3rd game at 7pm to help out. I had no plans for tomorrow evening, so this will work well. I am now umpiring at 10am, 1pm and 7pm and again on Sunday at 10am and 1pm. I then head home after the second game and stop on the way to retrieve my dogs. I will be very happy to see them after 6 days and I am sure they will be happier to see me.

No umpiring next weekend, I am taking a weekend off. I was going to do a DH on Saturday, but no one is available to let my dogs out and I can’t board them as those friends are full. I don’t mind a weekend off, believe me.

The season is winding down already, seems very quick. I do umpire for Baseball Alberta on the weekend before I head to Ontario and that might be it. I am unsure what baseball will be left when I get back in the middle of August. If there is some ball, I am sure I will umpire some more games. I will take on some Fall Ball as well, pending what happens with Hera’s surgery.

Speaking of Hera, today marks 6 years since I took her home from the Calgary Humane Society. You’re a great dog Hera, and I am glad to have you in my pack.

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