Imagine, I do need sleep at night…

Apparently, I should not stay awake all night any more. Well, I did have a short nap on Saturday evening after I got home, but only for about an hour and a half.

I headed out for my last volunteer shift for the Sinister 7 race around 1:15am. I stopped at 7/11 and grabbed a 5 hour energy and was surprised that they weren’t $4.99 a bottle, they were actually cheaper. Since when is anything cheaper at 7/11 than anywhere else in the world? Anyway, downed it and filled my Bubba with Cherry Coke, I wasn’t feeling coffee at 1:15am.

I found the checkpoint pretty easily. I really enjoy how dark it is away from the lights at night. Completely dark, even though I live in a very small town, there are still plenty of lights at night.

We weren’t waiting for too many runners. There were a lot of drop-outs, Saturday’s temperatures got to about 30C, that and the elevation likely contributed to people dropping out. I think we were only waiting for 6 runners to pass by in total.

By shortly after 3am, the last running checked in and continued on their way. The race HQ then asked us to pack up and head out. My truck was loaded with water bottles, jugs and all of the supplies for the check point. I headed back to HQ and unloaded. I was done shortly after 5am and headed home.

I went to bed until about 730am, got up and fed the dogs. I went back to bed until 10am or so, still felt out of sorts. An afternoon nap straightened that out for the most part. I spent the rest of the day just taking it easy, went out for a walk with the dogs in the late afternoon and went to bed at 10. I slept well, until 4am so for me, that’s not bad.

I hope on my flight back to Ontario in a few weeks that I can sleep on the plane. It’s the red-eye flight, so I should be able to.

It was a good weekend at the Sinister 7. I think I will see about being more involved next year, I had a great time.

Off to Calgary today. Umpiring tonight in my favourite ball park, Foothills Stadium. I umpire there again on Wednesday and then head home. That’ll be another late evening getting home. Oh well, I am getting used to it.

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