What? No umpiring this weekend?

Yesterday was a busy day. It was house cleaning day to start with. I made French toast two different ways for breakfast – both with banana bread and with apple/cinnamon bread, it was excellent. I left for Lethbridge around 12:30 to meet a friend for a late lunch / early dinner.

We went to an event, a parade of old cars and what-not, it was busy and it was odd. They didn’t close down the main business street in town (Mayor McGrath Drive), wow, was the traffic ever insane. I was way later getting out of town than I wanted to be and didn’t get home until after 10:30pm. I let the dogs out and immediately went to bed.

Today is the Sinister 7 race in Crowsnest Pass. I am volunteering, not racing. There are two options for the race. You can either enter as a team (or individual) and have 30 hours to complete 100 miles, or enter as an individual and you have 24 hours to complete 50 miles. Either option sort of sounds insane to me, but, then of course, I am not a racer. I am definitely not a back-country, up this mountain, down that mountain racer either. The change in elevation is around 7000 feet. No thanks. I am happy to volunteer.

I head out at noon and work until 8 and then again early tomorrow morning, a 2am-6am shift. Should be fun. That will consume my weekend. No umpiring, it will be a bit of a break from that.

Monday morning, the dogs go to boarding and I head to Calgary for a few days. Have a good weekend. 🙂

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