July will be over before I know it…

I will be heading to Ontario in 3 weeks, for a week-long vacation. It is my 50th birthday in August and I will be spending my birthday in my home province. I am also going to see my Aunt who is 91 years of age and she recently broke her hip. She’s getting out of rehab this week and I want to see her, she has always been my favourite relative. I am really looking forward to the trip.

Flights right now are dirt cheap as well. This really helped with my decision to visit. Normally, I would pay $550 or so for a return flight. This time around, I am paying $222. Dirt cheap… I have a car rental for the week and it is costing me about 3 times what the flight is costing me. I need the rental though, I am going to be traveling all across the province to visit with friend and family that I have not seen in 2 years.

This month will more than likely zoom by. This weekend, I am volunteering at the Sinister Seven race in Crowsnest Pass. Should be fun. No umpiring though, which is OK, I can use a weekend off of that.

Monday, I head to Calgary for 3 days. I booked a hotel ages ago, likely back in November I would guess. It’s the 10th Annual MLB All-Star game dinner with a friend who’s a former co-worker. We get together once a year and catch up and spend the evening not really watching the All-Star game and eating dinner at Boston Pizza. It’s always a great time. I’ve also booked myself into 2 umpiring assignments, Monday and Wednesday. The dogs will be in boarding all week. I will head home on Wednesday after the game and then go back to Calgary on Saturday morning for a double-header and another DH on Sunday. So, next week will fly by.

I am off the following weekend as I could not get the dogs into boarding. I may take a couple of games on either the Saturday or Sunday, I know they need help.

The last weekend of the month, I am umpiring for Baseball Alberta. Two double-headers, 13U and 15U. Hopefully it will be good baseball.

After that, I head to Ontario for 6 days. My time is booked, just about down to the minute. It will be hectic, but fun. I am having a BBQ for my birthday that my brother in law said I could host at his place. Just a handful of friends and some BBQ. I am sure it will be a good time.

So, July will go by in a flash, I am sure. I hope you enjoy yours.

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